Star Wars Resistance: “A Quick Salvage Run” review

The second season of Star Wars Resistance is underway, and this week the second episode aired, entitled “A Quick Salvage Run.”

And whereas last week’s season premiere was a bit of a slower start, things really picked up this week, making for a fantastic episode that fits in with the films perfectly. Let’s dive in to our review.


Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 7.52.46 PM

Tam decides to listen to Kaz’s message, but is interrupted by Jace Rucklin – who we discover has also joined the First Order. He recognizes Kaz’s voice and tells Tam that she must inform their superiors – or else he will. So Tam and Rucklin bring the comlink to Agent Tierny and Commander Pyre, who say they will use it to their advantage.

Meanwhile, on the Colossus, Kaz and Neeku are hanging out at Aunt Z’s, when Synara shows up. She soon finds out that Kaz contacted Tam, and she isn’t a fan of it. Kaz is called to the bridge, as he’s receiving an unknown communication. Kaz and Neeku assume it is Tam, but it actually is revealed to be Kaz’s father! He and Kaz’s family weren’t on Hosnian Prime when it was destroyed, but he urges Kaz to get as far away from the Resistance as possible, saying that bounty hunters are after Resistance members.

The Colossus comes out of hyperspace at D’Qar… only to find the space littered with debris, a glowing red mark where the Resistance base was, and signs of a huge battle. The Resistance is nowhere to be found. With no Resistance base to give them supplies, Kaz suggests sending the pirates to the remains of the destroyed First Order Dreadnaught to retrieve the coaxium the Colossus desperately needs. Kragen Gor and his pirates initially decline, saying they only take orders from Kragen and not Captain Doza, but they are convinced by Synara saying they could plunder the ship’s resources. So Kaz, Neeku, Synara, CB-23, Kragen, and the pirates infiltrate the Dreadnaught. As they find the coaxium, however, they are informed by Doza that the First Order has arrived.

Tierny, Pyre, and a hesitant Tam watch from the bridge, as Tierny wanted Tam to see the fruits of her work as the First Order wipes out the Colossus for good. The First Order launches TIE Fighters, and Doza orders the Aces to launch to defend the station – which, without the coaxium, can’t retreat. The heroes meanwhile have trouble retrieving the coaxium, and Kragen eventually jars the canister loose… only to drop it. As the canister hurtles toward a fall that would kill them all, Kaz catches it. They retreat to the ship and take off. The Aces are engaged in battling the TIE Fighters, while the Star Destroyer bombards the Colossus, testing its shields. Kragen and the pirates enter the conflict, facing TIEs as they attempt to get the coaxium back to the Colossus.

They crash land in the Colossus hangar, and they rush to put the coaxium to use. The Aces are ordered back to the station as they prepare for hyperspace. Neeku carefully tries to put the coaxium in the ship, which is made difficult by the constant bombardment from the First Order Star Destroyer. He does so successfully just as the Colossus shields fail, and they jump into hyperspace.

Synara knows that the reason the First Order found them was Kaz’s communication, but Kaz and Neeku don’t believe it – because that would have to mean Tam turned them in. On the bridge, Yeager and Doza wonder about how the First Order found them.


Screen Shot 2019-10-14 at 7.45.07 PM

This episode was fantastic, and I think this would have served really well as the season opener (it would have been great to air this one last week too, to make it a double-feature). This one picked up on the end of last season, it tied in perfectly with The Last Jedi (and Solo, too!), had high stakes throughout, set up some interesting things that can be explored moving forward, and was just awesome and enjoyable to watch too.

First, this episode picked up on the end of last season. Kaz believed that he needed to join General Organa, and from the moment the Colossus jumped into hyperspace in the final episode, it was clear that they wanted to head to D’Qar to join Leia. That was a theme last week too, and this week they arrived… only to find the aftermath of a devastating battle. So what happened was that all in the span of a moment, Kaz’s hopes for the Colossus being saved were crushed. The hope for fuel dwindled, the hope of joining the Resistance plummeted, etc. This is especially significant because it happens immediately after Kaz finds out his family is alive. So his hopes soar as he finds out they’re alive, only to see his hopes then come crashing down again when he discovers the Resistance is nowhere to be found.

Second, this episode ties in so perfectly to the films. Of course, the most significant is The Last Jedi, because this episode takes place in the ruins of the battle that featured at the beginning of that fantastic film. We see the effects of the First Order Dreadnaught firing on the Resistance base on the surface, we see the destroyed Dreadnaught, and we see destroyed X-Wings, TIE Fighters, and other ships floating in the atmosphere. Literally this episode takes place in the ruins of a fight we already saw, which is pretty cool, and then we get to see the second Battle of D’Qar. But this episode also ties in well with Solo, as a key point is them needing to find coaxium for the ship. We are reminded of how dangerous it can be, and we see Neeku rushing to give the Colossus the coaxium – just like we saw Beckett rushing to give the Falcon the coaxium in Solo.

Third, this episode had high stakes. Of course, we know that our heroes will survive to fight another day, but the episode nonetheless managed to tell the story with tension. We saw that tension with Tam, as she looked nervous about the fate of her friends. We saw that tension with Doza, as he braced himself as the Colossus shields failed. We saw that tension with Neeku and the coaxium, as the dangerous fuel was handled. So even though we knew that the good guys would survive, I thought the storytellers did a good job of preserving the suspense and tension as we watched.

Fourth, this episode really sets up some interesting storylines for this season.

(1) One of those storylines, of course, has to do with Tam. In this episode, she really seemed hesitant to turn in Kaz, and then looked very nervous when watching from the bridge. I think we saw some signs that Tam actually doesn’t want to see her friends killed or harmed, even though she’s furious with them and feels betrayed. In fact, in this episode it was Rucklin almost forcing her to turn in Kaz, and then Tierny forcing her to watch. So I think we’re already seeing that Tam’s commitment to the First Order might not mean that she doesn’t care at all about her friends any more.

(2) Another storyline has to do with Kaz’s father. I’m not surprised that it was revealed he survived, but I’m kinda surprised they let us know so early in the season. That kinda makes me wonder whether there’s more to this – after all, his dad was conveniently away from Hosnian Prime at the time of its destruction, and he still hates the Resistance, and he knows that bounty hunters are after them, etc. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I still wonder whether he’s secretly sympathetic to the First Order.

(3) Of course, perhaps the most blatent one in this episode is the fact that Kaz contacted Tam, which led to the First Order knowing the location of the Colossus. Currently only Neeku and Synara know that, and only Synara is the one who can see that it’s obviously how the First Order knew where to find them. But Yeager is suspicious, and I bet he’ll find out soon – and that he won’t be happy.

(4) And then lastly, this further sets up the heroes eventually joining the Resistance – just not yet. They’re still going to be searching and trying to meet up with them, and the First Order is still going to be pursuing them. We don’t know the timeline, but this episode doesn’t happen too long after the Battle of D’Qar. So is the Resistance on Crait at this point? Will Kaz receive Leia’s message requesting help? I think that’d be pretty cool to see.

And then fifth, this episode was just a lot of fun. It was really enjoyable to see the visually stunning scenes above D’Qar, it was a well-told story, and it featured some exciting moments with the Aces facing the First Order. This was probably one of my favorite episodes of Resistance to date.

My grade: 9.7/10



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