Five-issue comic miniseries coming this fall to tie in to Jedi: Fallen Order!

On Tuesday, Lucasfilm announced that there is a five-issue comic miniseries that will be debuting this September to tie in to the video game Jedi: Fallen Order.

The series, called Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – Dark Temple, will begin in September with the first issue and figures to lead up to the release of the game on November 15.  The miniseries will be written by Matthew Rosenberg and illustrated by Paolo Villanelli, and according to Lucasfilm:

“the tale follows Jedi Master Eno Cordova and his impulsive Padawan Cere Junda — on a seemingly simple mission that becomes much more dangerous. The Jedi Council sends the pair to the remote planet Ontotho to oversee the excavation of a mysterious temple; on Ontotho, dueling forces of local resistance and ruthless security troops clash in a war for the fate of the planet, with the Jedi caught in the middle. Get a first look at the cover below!”

I would guess that this will actually be a pretty significant miniseries in relation to Fallen Order, since Cere is a major figure in that game.  In the game, she will be the mentor figure to Cal Kestis.  We don’t know anything of her backstory besides the fact that she was a Jedi Knight, and so this game will surely tell us a bit more about her time as a Jedi before Order 66.  It remains to be seen how much the plot of this story actually ties in to Fallen Order, but if nothing else it will be our introduction to Cere.

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