There’s something very interesting about Lando Calrissian’s outfit in The Rise of Skywalker

Details about Lando Calrissian’s role in The Rise of Skywalker have been relatively hard to come by, but the pure excitement at seeing Billy Dee Williams back in the iconic role one last time is great enough.

We got a glimpse of Lando in the TROS trailer, flying the Millennium Falcon with Chewbacca and letting out a joyful laugh.  More recently, in Vanity Fair’s TROS preview issue, there was an image of Calrissian sitting in the cockpit of the Falcon with Chewie, Poe Dameron, BB-8, and D-O.  The collection of images from the preview issue can be found here, but below is the image of Calrissian.


That’s a pretty awesome photo just by itself, but there’s something quite interesting about it that I didn’t notice before.  Of course, his yellow shirt looks like the one the character wore in Solo, which is a really nice connective touch (connecting his first canonical on-screen appearance to his last (presumably) on-screen appearance).  But recently, Rik Villanueva pointed out that hidden on Calrissian’s left wrist is the same wristcom he wore in The Empire Strikes Back.

That’s another nice connective touch, but it could be more significant than we think.  The wristcom in ESB is what Lando uses to contact Lobot, his trusty friend and right-hand man.  So… since Lando is still wearing that wristcom, does it mean we might see a cameo appearance from Lobot?  Or at the very least, does it mean that Lobot is still alive and working with Lando at this point?  The actor who played Lobot in ESB, John Hollis, passed away in 2005, but it’s certainly possible they could still bring the character back.

The friendship between Lando and Lobot has been fleshed out even further in the canon material, including the Lando Calrissian comic and brief mentions after the Battle of Endor.  Lobot was taken prisoner by the Empire after Cloud City fell at the end of ESB, but he and Lando worked to liberate the city from the grip of Governor Adelhard following the Battle of Endor.  It’s been cool to hear more about Lobot, and I’d love to even hear him mentioned in TROS – or even make an appearance!

The only reason we have to even think about this is the wristcom Lando is wearing, but that’s certainly a very interesting compliment to his outfit that can understandably lead to more speculation.

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