That time Han Solo helped the Resistance before The Force Awakens

Did you know that Han Solo actually helped the Resistance before The Force Awakens?  It’s true.  All of it.

It’s possible that Han helped the Resistance in a more formalized way in the very early days of the Resistance, since that happened before Ben Solo’s rebellion and Han and Leia’s split, though we know nothing about that.  But once Han had gone back to smuggling, he and Chewie encountered Resistance forces and helped them – without the Resistance realizing it.

The story was told in the Poe Dameron Annual 2, part of the Poe Dameron comic line, which was released on August 29, 2018 and written by Jody Houser with illustrations by Andrea Broccardo.


The basic storyline is that General Leia Organa, as the leader of the Resistance, sent Poe Dameron to intercept a shipment headed for the First Order, as C-3PO’s droid spy network had intercepted the data about the planned meeting.  But unbeknownst to them, Han Solo and Chewbacca had actually set up the meeting, stealing a First Order shuttle and impersonating First Order personnel.  They met with the trader, Mek Nu’Tiv, but she quicky figured out that they were imposters.  Han and Chewie escaped the skirmish, but Poe Dameron and Black Squadron soon arrived, getting caught up in the fight as well.  Han and Chewie soon found the shipment, but upon opening it his thoughts immediately went to Leia, remembering all the good times the two had, for the shipment contained the archive of Alderaan’s great library.  Han realized that Leia’s Resistance was after the shipment, so he and Chewie quietly cleared out a path for Poe to recover the shipment and get it safely back to Leia.


It’s nothing major, but it’s nonetheless pretty cool to see.  Han and Chewie are back to their smuggling days and set up a shipment impersonating First Order officers, which is a cool story in and of itself.  But I love that, when Han discovers what the shipment actually is, he remembers Leia and becomes nostalgic.  Then, he decides that he should help the Resistance make sure the shipment gets back to his love.

Han may not have formally joined the Resistance, and he tells Leia in The Force Awakens that he just went back to what he was always good at.  That’s true, but this comic shows us that Han was good at being the reluctant good guy, loyal to his friends and those he loved, wanting to help them however possible.  Even if that meant just quietly clearing a path for Poe Dameron to get this shipment back to Leia.


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