Episode IX panel officially announced for Star Wars Celebration on April 12!

We’ve known for a while that it will be happening, but Star Wars officially announced today the date of the Episode IX panel at Star Wars Celebration Chicago next month!

This panel, which is the most heavily-anticipated panel in a year with plenty of thrilling Star Wars topics to talk about, will take place on Friday, April 12.  Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy and Episode IX director J.J. Abrams will headline the panel, though the announcement also indicates that plenty of guests and other surprises will be coming.

As far as guests go, Star Wars has been gradually rolling out the lineup of guests attending Celebration, but so far we haven’t heard which Episode IX stars will be attending.  This is surely intentional, and I bet we will be getting that announcement sometime soon.  But with this film being such a big deal, I’m sure that several of the film’s stars will be announced as attending and participating in this panel.

And as far as surprises go, I have a feeling that this panel will contain some things that fans have been waiting for… like a title, a trailer, and probably a poster.  The expectation all along has been that the first trailer would debut at Celebration, like what happened with The Last Jedi, and as time went on it became more and more likely that the title would be revealed then as well – possibly attached to the trailer, like Disney did with Avengers: Endgame.  So I’m sure that this panel will give Star Wars fans a ton to talk about.  The words of Abrams, Kennedy, and company will be interesting enough (since we haven’t heard much about the film at all), but the additional likelihood of us getting our first real look at the movie makes it all the more amazing.

Though I won’t be in attendance at Celebration I’ll certainly be tuning in to the livestream of many panels, and this is easily the panel I’m most looking forward to and have been awaiting for a while.  It’s now officially announced, and you can go ahead and mark your calendars to tune in to this panel on April 12, when we’re going to surely get our first look at Star Wars: Episode IX!

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