Justin Ridge hints that there could be Resistance easter eggs in future projects

One of the many really cool things about Rogue One for Star Wars fans was the fact that the movie acknowledged and incorporated elements from the animated Star Wars Rebels TV show into the film.

The Ghost was seen stationed on Yavin IV, there was a call for “General Syndulla” at the Massassi Base, Chopper was seen briefly, there was a mention of “Karabast!”, and the Ghost was seen briefly arriving at the Battle of Scarif.  All of those moments were so incredibly minor in the film that they didn’t require additional explanation, yet for those who had seen the show it enriched the experience.

There seems to be the natural opportunity to do that with Star Wars: Episode IX as well, since Star Wars Resistance is currently ongoing and overlapping with the events of the sequel trilogy.  And in a recent interview with Good Morning America’s Clayton Sandell, the show’s executive producers seem to hint that similar easter eggs may be coming.

”There are things that fans will be very excited about,” Justin Ridge said.  “Obviously, we don’t want to give away too many secrets.”

That’s obviously a very coy answer, yet Ridge is clearly wanting to hint at something.  In other words, nothing definite, but there seems to be the possibility of future crossovers.  And I can’t imagine a more perfect opportunity to do so than in Episode IX.  I think the fit would be so logical and natural.

Think about it: at the end of The Last Jedi, the Resistance is small but still has plenty of allies, and so the expectation is that by the time of the events of Episode IX, the Resistance has garnered more support and is continuing to do so.  We’ll have to see how this first season of Resistance ends, but it seems like the Colossus group will probably join up with the Resistance for season two.  So that would be another group of allies to the cause.  So in Episode IX, I think it’s entirely possible to see Kazuda Xiono in live action, or something like that, flying in a battle.  It really doesn’t have to be a big deal – one shot of him in the cockpit in battle will not distract casual viewers but would be significant to Resistance fans.

I don’t think that Episode IX can or should spend time trying to introduce the audience to every new character that shows up, but they don’t have to introduce Kaz – he can just kind of be there as part of the fight, and we obviously would know who he is.

But either way, Ridge’s comment seems to suggest that perhaps Lucasfilm does have something more planned with these characters and story elements than just the animated show, which would be pretty cool.

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