Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes lacks competitiveness right now

As new events and characters come and go, one thing remains abundantly clear in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes: Jedi Knight Revan reigns supreme.

Since he was introduced to the game in mid-October, Revan has held on to the title of most dominant squad, and it hasn’t really been close.  The only solace that existed was the reality that, due to CG’s blatant money grab with the initial Revan event, the percentage of players who had the character were relatively small.  But then last month Revan returned, and that has plunged the arena ranks into an uncompetitive bore.

SWGOH.GG, which is a very valuable resource for players, compiles ranks in their arena meta report and, well, it’s about what you’d expect:

Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 9.59.32 PM

Of those people taking rank one in their arena shards, an incredible 87% of them are running a Revan team (7,921 people total).  Second is Darth Traya with 8% (698 people), and third is Commander Luke Skywalker with 2% (199 people).  That’s an incredible lack of parity.  The numbers are similar when considering ranks one through ten: 87% Revan, 7% Traya, 2% Commander Luke.  And it also holds when considering ranks one through one hundred: 82% Revan, 7% Commander Luke, 6% Traya.

So in other words, there has been absolutely nothing that has come out since mid-October to really even challenge Revan.  C-3PO came out in December as a highly-anticipated legendary event, and while he is a very good support character who makes a CLS squad even better, there was not a significant meta shift, at least as far as Revan is concerned.  CLS teams are very good, very fun (they’re my personal favorite right now), and very competitive, but their best bet against Revan is hoping the RNG works out in their favor.  That’s the same thing with Traya, but she stands even less of a chance against Revan since the Jedi’s kit counters hers.

And then in February came something that many had been wanting for years: a rework of General Grievous and new Separatist droids!  The B1 Battle Droid and the Droideka both came to the game, and Grievous got a rework.  All of it looked pretty intriguing… until they were actually released in the game.  Before, Grievous was about as useless of a character as there was; now, Grievous-led squads figure to be quite good for Territory Wars and Squad Arena, which isn’t unimportant.  But in arena?  Nah.  Not unless there’s something we’re missing, because like the others, the ability for this team to beat Revan is almost entirely dependent upon RNG.

In other words: SWGOH is Revan’s world, and we’re all just trying to get by in it.

Now I want to be clear about what I’m not saying: I’m not saying that it’s a problem that Revan is good, nor am I saying that his time in arena should have been short.  He’s a hero’s journey character, and all three of the hero’s journey characters so far (Commander Luke Skywalker, Rey (Jedi Training), and Jedi Knight Revan) are absolutely tremendous.  All three of them had a time in which they dominated arena, and that’s appropriate.  Revan should be good, Revan should be hard to beat, and Revan should be an incredibly competitive arena team.  Without a doubt.

But my issue is about just how utterly dominant Revan is right now.  To be honest, it has made the game a bit stale.  And the events in which the issue can be somewhat circumvented (like Grand Arena, for instance) don’t run all the time.  But we’ve had two long-awaited developments – the release of C-3PO and then the Grievous rework – and neither of them de-throned Revan.  And part of the problem with Revan is that the kit was pretty lazily thrown together.  There were problems with Revan shortly before release, and the final version of his kit (which reads like a book, by the way) seems to just be a lazy compilation of a number of other things that are all geared toward making him the perfect character.  There’s not a whole lot of creativity, at least not to the degree of other characters who bring some very unique elements to the table.  No, Revan’s kit is just a lengthy compilation of things that is supposed to make him unstoppable.

And he’ll be unstoppable until the release of Darth Revan coming up soon, at which point we’ll surely just start this cycle over again.  It won’t be utterly boring right away because not everybody will pay to get him, but before long it’ll be uncompetitive.  Or so I’m assuming.

So what am I suggesting should happen?  I’m not saying that Revan shouldn’t be a very strong and viable arena team; I’m saying that he shouldn’t be the only consistently reliable arena team.  I’d love to see an arena meta where there was a lot of competitiveness (kind of like in the latter days of Traya’s reign).  For example: Team A can beat Team B, but cannot beat Team C; Team B can beat Team C, but cannot beat Team A; Team C can beat Team A, but cannot beat Team B.  That would be one possibility.

Another possibility would be to not underwhelm the playerbase with a long-awaited rework, like with General Grievous.  The videos that CG released were, at best, misleading their playerbase regarding how viable Grievous would be.  So far, we haven’t seen him be nearly as effective.

Or another possibility would be to hold off on the Darth Revan event (which is unlikely, since if they did that then they wouldn’t make as much money, which is all CG cares for), because there are some who are tired of the Old Republic dominance.  I don’t mind as much because I know there are many who loved the games, but I also think varying up things can be healthy.  To their credit, CG did that: they released Revan (Old Republic), then went to C-3PO and the Millennium Falcon (original trilogy), then a Grievous rework (prequel trilogy).  I’m assuming this year they’ll focus more on the sequel trilogy, too.  So they’re varying the eras, but not in arena.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I’m finding this game relatively boring at the moment.  I still play every day and very much enjoy it overall, but one of the game’s most fundamental staples is flat out boring and lacks competition.  It’s pretty much Revan versus Revan every time, and in those mirror matches things can get tiresome and are almost entirely dependent upon mods.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a lot of fun.  The current Revan dominance isn’t as much.

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