Star Wars Resistance: “The Disappeared” review

In this week’s episode of Star Wars Resistance, the First Order begins arresting those opposed to their cause, which leaves Kaz and Torra to go on a rescue mission.  It’s another good episode, and it ends on a pretty significant cliffhanger – all of which suggests to us that the end of this first season is shaping up to be pretty epic.


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The episode begins with a race between the Aces, but Commander Pyre tells Captain Doza that this poses a security threat to the Colossus.  Doza then informs the Aces that he has decided to cancel all future races and that furthermore the Aces are grounded, as the First Order will provide all aerial support and patrols for the Colossus.  This angers the Aces, and Hype Fazon storms off.  He heads back to his hangar and finds stormtroopers grounding his ship, and he confronts them.  Meanwhile, Kaz and Tam are disappointed to find out that among the races cancelled was an Aces qualifier, which would have given both of them the chance to earn a spot with the Aces – something they both desire but that is particularly important to Tam.  But she realizes that the First Order is just doing their job and doing what is necessary to keep them safe.

In Aunt Z’s, Kaz, Tam, Neeku, and CB-23 encounter Torra, who is looking for Hype.  Tam asks the First Order stormtroopers about this, and they respond that Hype had clearance to leave.  Aunt Z tells them that the First Order has a way of making people disappear, however, and is quite vocal in expressing her displeasure with the First Order (who try to put up advertising in her cantina).  Kaz and Torra suspect that Hype didn’t actually take off, so they head to his hangar to see if his ship is still there.  Thanks to a distraction from CB-23 and some gorgs, Kaz and Torra discover that Hype’s ship is still there and has been grounded, meaning that the First Order must have Hype.  Going back to Aunt Z’s, they then discover that Aunt Z is missing too.  The prisoners are being held in storage containers at one of the docks, awaiting deportation aboard First Order transports.

Kaz and Torra rush to Yeager’s to speak with him, but he’s busy in his office.  Kaz tells him what they know, and the door opens to reveal that Yeager and Captain Doza have been discussing things in Yeager’s office.  The two of them want to take down the First Order’s communications and contact the Resistance, and Doza informs Kaz and Torra of what the First Order is doing with those who speak out against them.  Kaz insists that they don’t have time to wait and contact the Resistance and heads off to try to save their friends – this time, with Yeager’s blessing.

Kaz, Torra, and CB-23 sneak down onto some external pipes that line the station and carefully walk toward the docks.  Once there, they tell Aunt Z, Hype, and a few other prisoners of their plan.  If they just break them out, the First Order will know something is up; but if they steal the transport, it will be longer before the First Order notices anything.  Kaz and Torra fight stormtroopers, and Aunt Z and Hype rush in to aid them in the battle.  They win, and Hype flies the prisoners away in a transport as Aunt Z tells them she has a friend on Takodana.  Torra is excited that they accomplished their mission, but Kaz knows the First Order will find out eventually.  As he and CB-23 arrive back at Yeager’s, he is surprised to find Commander Pyre and several First Order stormtroopers surrounding Team Fireball, and Pyre informs Kaz that the entire team is under arrest.


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This was once again another very strong episode of Resistance, and the show has been getting better and better the more the First Order gets involved.  This episode continued to develop the tension, and I’m guessing that we’re very close to seeing all of that boil over into open conflict – especially since only three episodes of the show remain.

In this episode, Kaz is still operating pretty stealthily – or, at least he’s trying to – and that means trying to save Aunt Z, Hype, and the others without being discovered.  To that end, I actually think his plan here was very smart: he didn’t want to just free them, because then the First Order would launch a massive investigation, but rather wanted to help them steal the shuttle.  This way, though the First Order surely would find out eventually, it would buy them more time – and since Kaz knows that Yeager and Doza are wanting to contact the Resistance, buying time is certainly the more advantageous and beneficial scenario.

On that note, one of the highlights of the episode came when Kaz and Torra discover that Yeager is secretly talking with Captain Doza.  Their plan is apparently to take down the First Order communications and then contact the Resistance.  Doza is still a mysterious figure and therefore I don’t know for sure whether we can trust him, but it certainly looks like he’s realizing that the First Order is not good news and is wanting to do something about it.  I love the idea of a former Rebel and a former Imperial from the Galactic Civil War now working together decades later to confront the rising threat of the First Order.  I think that’s really cool, and I hope that we’ll see more from that over the last few episodes of this first season.  Additionally, I like how we’re seeing Yeager move more and more toward the Resistance.  When Kaz first came to the Colossus, Yeager made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with the mission, but recently Yeager has helped Kaz and serves as a mentor to him on some things.  Now, Yeager appears to be ready to take his alliance with the Resistance a step further.  I hope we get to see a lot more of Yeager soon, too.

The main thrust of the episode, though, was the First Order taking people who oppose them and shipping them off.  We don’t know where they’re taking them, but it’s safe to assume that those people are being shipped off to their deaths.  The First Order doesn’t want anyone who opposes them to still have a voice, and I also think it’s worth pointing out that everyone we see being held prisoner is an alien (which makes it seem that the First Order is taking after the Empire in their racism and xenophobia).  Kaz decides to take action to save his friends, which has been a common theme to his character.

We saw in the midseason trailer that Yeager tells Kaz that the First Order has a way of making people disappear, yet that’s a different clip than from this episode.  We also know that Tam gets taken by the First Order, but since she’s been appreciative of them so far I doubt it’s for opposing them… which makes me think that the First Order probably mistakes her for the Resistance spy.  This episode ends on a cliffhanger (which is something rare for Resistance, but I like it), as the First Order is clearly on to Team Fireball.  If I had to guess, either Doza sold them out or, more likely, the First Order noticed the Fireball’s presence on last week’s mission with Poe Dameron.  Assuming that’s the case, then I’d imagine the First Order knows it was someone on Team Fireball but not which member, and I think Tam will get mistaken for that.

Either way, it seems that we’re entering the end game of this First Order occupation of the Colossus now.  For several weeks Kaz and others have tried to evade the First Order’s presence (sometimes successfully and other times not so much), but now it seems they can’t do so anymore.  This episode was a good one on its own, but it should set us up for even more interesting and tension-filled episodes to come as we get near to the end of season one.

My grade: 8.8/10

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