It appears Star Wars: Episode IX may have wrapped filming today!

Over the last few weeks we’ve heard several reports trickling in about actors wrapping up their work on Star Wars: Episode IX, so we knew that production was winding down.

It now appears that principal photography is wrapping today, February 15th, on the final installment of the Skywalker saga.

The basis for this assumption comes from the social media posts of several who worked on the film, which were pointed out and tracked down over at the Star Wars Leaks subreddit.  Flora Moody, Daisy Ridley’s stylist, posted an image on her Instagram story with the caption, “Last day of filming – blue skies, good vibes, but no twin moons.”  A user named Bonny Monger posted a photo tagged at Pinewood Studios with the caption, “Wrap day treats,” and the photo shows cupcakes with “IX” on them.  Amy Byrne, Adam Driver’s makeup artist, posted a picture of the makeup with the caption, “Wrapped.  Alas, my days with the dark side are over.  Mr Driver….. you’ve been a dream.”

With the makeup artists/stylists for the film’s two leading stars in Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver posting about filming wrapping, plus the post showing the IX cupcakes to celebrate wrap day, it looks like they’re indeed finished.  Keep in mind that we haven’t heard an official announcement from Lucasfilm or J.J. Abrams yet, but if filming truly has wrapped then perhaps some sort of announcement may be coming soon.

This marks a pretty bittersweet time, as although it’s a significant step in the process as we eagerly anticipate the release of the film in December, it also marks the wrap of the final film in the legendary Skywalker saga, and the wrap of filming on the sequel trilogy.

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