Star Wars Resistance: “Dangerous Business” review

In the latest episode of Star Wars Resistance, Kazuda Xiono covers for some friends but winds up in a heap of trouble, having to think on his feet to stop a First Order plan!  Let’s dive in to this week’s episode review.


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Yeager, Tam, and Neeku arrive at the hangar early in the morning to do repairs on the Fireball, but they find that all of the needed parts have already been installed by Kaz, who is busy finishing up.  He tells Tam that she can take the Fireball out that afternoon if she wants, and he explains that he struck a deal with Flix and Orka for the parts.  They gave him the parts, and he agreed to watch their shop for the day.  Flix and Orka are preparing to leave to visit Flix’s mother, so Kaz arrives to watch the acquisitions shop for them.  They stress to Kaz that money is the main thing, but warn him not to sell anything from the back room.  Kaz and BB-8 begin servicing customers right away, and one of them, a gruff Keteerian named Teroj Kee, demands a phase connector.  He claims to be a part of the mining guild who ordered a phase connector previously, but Kaz says the only one they have has already been sold to someone else.  Kee is upset about this, but instead places a large order and tells Kaz to deliver it to him on the platform.  But when Kaz brings the shipment, Kee locks him into a storage container and tells a worker to drop the container into the water to get rid of it.

Kaz warns BB-8 that Kee wants the phase connector and asks the droid for help, but BB-8 is soon preoccupied with trying to stop Kee from stealing the device.  BB-8 puts up quite a fight, but ultimately Kee traps the droid with a bunch of shelves.  This leaves Kaz without any help, but he thinks quickly and uses some tools he had delivered to break out at just the last moment before the crate plunges into the waters below.  Kaz then pursues Kee to the thief’s ship and sneaks on board, where he discovers First Order stormtroopers (and Flix and Orka’s pet gorg, named “Bitey,” who had also stowed away on board).  The ship takes off (with Kaz trapped on it), and he realizes that if the First Order wants the phase connecter he can’t let them get it.  So, he decides, he will take down the whole ship.  Once again using quick thinking, he lures Bitey to the power box, and Bitey bites the wires (getting electrocuted in the process).  This alerts Kee and the stormtroopers, but when they discover the gorg it’s too late and the ship already starts to angle down toward the water.

Kaz reaches an escape pod and takes off undetected, and though he briefly thinks Bitey died, the gorg reappears.  Kee and the stormtroopers also escape in pods, where Kee contacts Commander Pyre to tell him about the failure.  Pyre says that Captain Phasma won’t be happy and orders them to report back immediately.  With the ship destroyed and the phase connector gone with it, Kaz arrives back at acquisitions to find it a mess after the fight between BB-8 and Kee.  Flix and Orka arrive to discover this, and Kaz explains what happened.  They are impressed that he crashed a ship just to make sure Kee didn’t steal from them, and they say that Kee has been trying to steal from them for a while.  But, while they’re impressed with Kaz’s efforts, they expect him to report back the next day to work to pay off the loss of the phase connector.  Flix and Orka also tell Kaz that a phase connector is used for mining asteroids or excavating something.  As Kaz leaves for the day, he tells BB-8 that he needs to tell Poe about what the First Order was trying to get, which he thinks means something bad.


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One of the things that is important to keep in mind about this show is that Kaz and the Resistance are piecing together different bits of information trying to figure out what the First Order is up to, and so when Kaz discovers that the First Order wants a phase connector, he thinks this is information that General Leia must want to hear!  And he’s probably absolutely right.  The Resistance knows some things about the threat that the First Order presents, but they don’t know everything.  And that’s because, at this point in the timeline, the sequel trilogy hasn’t happened yet.  So, for instance, the Resistance doesn’t at all seem aware of Starkiller Base yet.  Because of that, Kaz learning that the First Order wants something that is useful for drilling and excavating, it’s important.  My initial assumption when watching the show was that the First Order wanted the phase connector for work on Starkiller Base, but that’s not the only possibility.  We know that the First Order has been mining asteroids for dedlanite, so that’s another possibility.  Either way, though, it’s just another hint for our heroes that the First Order is up to something big.

Along those lines, I liked seeing the First Order working with this smuggler Teroj Kee.  We don’t know anything else about him, but it doesn’t seem like he’s necessarily a full part of the First Order but rather is just teaming up with them.  This show has allowed us to see how the First Order teams up with some of the galaxy’s criminals, including pirates and now Teroj Kee (who I’ll classify as a smuggler for now).  I like seeing that aspect of their operations, especially since they’re largely operating behind the scenes for now.

But while the First Order stuff was intriguing, the biggest takeaway from this episode was Kaz.  In this episode, we got to see the marks of his increasing maturity.  Early on in the season there were some who complained about Kaz’s lack of maturity and lack of skill in, well, pretty much anything besides flying.  That was fair, but I always assumed that we needed to give him more time.  It was quite clear early on that he had lived a sheltered life and hadn’t really had to prove himself on his own, but now he has.  And while he has failed plenty in his roles as a mechanic and a spy, we’ve seen him gradually growing in those areas – and this episode highlighted that very clearly.  Kaz is still the same guy, caring for others and looking out for them, which is evidenced by his desire to fix the Fireball for Tam, so that she could fly it.  I have felt bad for Tam at times because it’s clear she longs to fly, but Kaz just came in and began flying the Fireball… and bringing it back damaged.  So I appreciated this gesture by Kaz, and it’s not surprising – because the one constant all along has been that Kaz cares for others.

In this episode, though, he also showed off his growth.  That’s obvious right away, when Yeager, Tam, and Neeku discover that Kaz has repaired the Fireball (mostly perfectly).  Earlier in the season, Kaz seemingly knew next-to-nothing about being a mechanic and screwed things up, but we’ve seen him committed to learning, and by this episode he’s fixing the ship by himself.  He truly is learning and growing.  That’s also true when it comes to his spying, as he figured things out by himself this time.  With BB-8 unable to get to him to save him, Kaz had to figure out a creative way to save himself while in the shipping crate.  He did that, and then on Kee’s transport he figured out a way to take down the whole ship while not being discovered (with help from Bitey).  We’ve always known that Kaz is a skilled pilot with a big heart, but he has failed in the past at being a mechanic and a spy.  In this episode, he succeeds at both areas, and he does so without having to rely on others to help him out.  We’re seeing Kaz grow and mature before our eyes, which is pretty cool.

That’s a big part of why I like this episode: I like seeing the clear and obvious growth in Kaz, and we get to see it during an episode that’s pretty intriguing and entertaining in its own right.  I like Flix and Orka whenever we get to see them, I like the tension that builds whenever the First Order gets involved, I liked seeing BB-8 fight back, and I liked seeing Kaz figure things out on his own and do a pretty great job at it.  He fixed the Fireball, stopped the First Order, and wasn’t discovered.  Not bad at all, kid.

My grade: 8.5/10

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