Star Wars: Resistance considered a Han Solo cameo in recent episode, but opted for an easter egg instead

A recent episode of Star Wars: Resistance, “The Platform Classic,” was a terrific and emotional episode that introduced us to Yeager’s brother, Marcus Speedstar.

But in the weekly Bucket’s List recap produced for this episode, we learned this week that the early idea for the introduction was going to be a different character: Han Solo.

That’s right, Han Solo!  As Bucket’s List reveals, “The earliest idea for this episode called for Han Solo to visit the Colossus… But to spotlight Yeager’s character, the visitor became someone important from his past.”

That’s pretty exciting to think about how the producers of the show initially considered putting Han Solo into an episode, and it would have theoretically worked: Han Solo and Jarek Yeager could have known each other from their times in the Rebellion, and given Han Solo’s reputation in the racing community and Yeager’s reputation as a pilot, Han’s presence could still have very much worked with both Yeager’s history and with Yeager’s racing skills.  However, I’ll add this: I think that it’s likely Marcus Speedstar works much better than Han Solo for the purposes of this episode.  While seeing Han would have been fun, it would have inevitably taken the focus away from Yeager.  This show is all about developing its own characters right now, and that’s a good thing – and Yeager is the most interesting of the group.  Additionally, having the newcomer be Yeager’s brother adds another layer of intrigue and backstory that Han Solo likely couldn’t have.  In the end, I think the episode’s decision to have it be Yeager’s brother rather than Han Solo was absolutely the correct decision, and the way it turned out was absolutely tremendous.  It certainly could have worked with Han Solo, but it worked better with Marcus Speedstar.

In the end, the producers decided not to have Han Solo in the episode, but they did include a couple of easter eggs that are noteworthy for fans – and can be connected with Solo.

Guavian Death Gang

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 6.39.15 PM

The most obvious connection is the Guavian Death Gang.  Marcus Speedstar has fallen into trouble with the Guavians, owing them 20,000 credits.  The Guavians end up taking Marcus’s mechanic, Oplock, hostage until Marcus can pay them back.  The Guavian Death Gang was, of course, first introduced in The Force Awakens… trying to get money they were owed from none other than Han Solo.  Bala-Tik and the Guavians show up having tracked Solo, and they reveal that they loaned Solo 50,000 credits for this job of hunting rathtars for King Prana.  Solo promises that they’ll get what he owes them, but the Guavians (and Kanjiklub) prepare to kill them – only to be stopped by the rathtars being let loose.

The Guavian Death Gang obviously isn’t exclusively connected to Han Solo, but both Marcus Speedstar and Han Solo owe them money around the same time.  It’s cool to see the Guavians in the show, since the creators could have opted to make a new gang but instead chose to include one we’re familiar with.

The Five Sabers

Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at 6.48.00 PM

More significant than the Guavians but much easier to miss is another easter egg connection to Han Solo.  When Captain Doza introduces his special guest to the others, he reveals that it’s Marcus Speedstar, a three-time winner of the Five Sabers.

That probably doesn’t mean much to the average viewer, but the race was first mentioned in Claudia Gray’s fantastic book Bloodline – and it was revealed that Han Solo actually oversaw the race, at least the race that was held in 28ABY.  The race had multiple phases and was held on Theron, and Solo oversaw it; he had raced his fair share of times for charity in the years post-Endor, and he had sponsored plenty of races as well.  Resistance takes place roughly six years following the events of Bloodline, so it’s entirely plausible (given the fact that Speedstar was a three-time champ, was well-known across the galaxy, and had recently fallen onto hard times) that Speedstar won the race in 28ABY – which was the race Solo presided over.  It’s also entirely plausible that Solo presided over the Five Sabers multiple times, which would increase the likelihood that he was involved when Speedstar won.

Is there anything of significance to that?  Probably not, but it’d be a really cool connection nonetheless.  So while Resistance opted not to have Solo in this episode, they still featured a couple of easter eggs that can reasonably be tied to Solo as well.  I think that all worked out for the best.

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