C-3PO appears to be coming to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes soon!

It’s beginning to look a lot like… C-3PO’s arrival to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes!

This is obviously very exciting news, and the signs were pointing toward it for a while now.

(1) First, in early November, EA/CG finally released the Road Ahead blog post that details a bit of what players could expect in the upcoming quarter.  The post was inexplicably delayed by a whole month, however, meaning that the end of this fiscal quarter for EA/CG is coming at the end of December (since the fiscal quarter is a three-month period, this time being October-December).  There were a few things that were teased, including a new mode called Grand Arena, more KOTOR characters, and more original trilogy content.  The post said that the Grand Arena will “round out the year,” which could just mean the final quarter but, since we’re already in December, looks to be literal too, and likely coming this month.  We’ve already gotten more KOTOR characters (probably more than anyone was hoping for in such a short period of time), but we’ve yet to have even a hint of the original trilogy content.  Here’s what that section of the Road Ahead said:

To round out the year, we’re going to continue our exploration of the Original Trilogy universe. While we’ve dipped into this era previously, there are still so many iconic characters and ships that we want to bring to the game from this time period. You can definitely count on some teases and puzzles from Crumb in the coming months. Stay tuned!

By process of elimination (two of the three months of the quarter already having passed), that means we’ll be getting original trilogy content in the month of December.  That’s really exciting news to me, and I’m choosing to hope that it won’t be a colossal failure of a launch (which, I know, likely will come back to haunt me, given EA/CG’s history).   But past gripes aside, let’s do a bit of speculation about the future, shall we?

(2) The post said that there are “so many iconic characters and ships” from the time period that they still want to bring to the game, and they’re absolutely right.  The most obvious and glaring omission is a Jedi Luke Skywalker, as – and this is almost inconceivable three years in – there’s no Luke Skywalker with a Jedi tag.  Everyone knows that he’ll be coming eventually, but hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.  With that said, though, I cannot imagine him coming this December.  There hasn’t been enough build-up characters to panic farm, and besides, I think Luke’s arrival will be a massive and meta-defining release.  That’s as it should be, too.  Yet right now, Jedi teams are the meta with Jedi Knight Revan, and I don’t see EA/CG just moving on from Revan so quickly.  So I don’t think they can adequately do the Luke release without overshadowing Revan, and that’s something I don’t think they want to do right now.  So in other words, I’m not expecting Luke whatsoever this quarter.  Hopefully next year sometime.

(3) So who might it be?  There are plenty of options, but the recently-revealed login rewards for December may give us an additional clue.  Ewok Scout is the login reward, and while that may not seem to mean anything initially, it fits with plenty of the speculation about who the original trilogy character might be: C-3PO.  As Star Wars fans well know, C-3PO was thought of as a god by the Ewoks, and he played a key role in Return of the Jedi and on Endor.  For a long time now, people have wondered whether a C-3PO legendary event would require Ewoks because of that connection.  The fact that we have to get original trilogy content this month (thankfully), combined with the fact that Ewok Scout is the login character plus the months of speculation, lead to a reasonable guess that C-3PO may soon be coming.

(4) And then the most recent and significant speculation came Friday night, in another puzzle posted to the forums that clearly looks to be C-3PO.  Someone seemed to figure out the puzzle, which apparently leads to a picture of C-3PO.  Crumb (the developer who releases these teases and puzzles) replied to the person who figured this out with congratulations for having solved the puzzle.  In other words, that’s confirmation that C-3PO will indeed be arriving to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

As for when 3PO will be coming, the post containing the original puzzle from Crumb was titled “12/14,” which I would guess refers to a date, thus meaning December 14.  That’d probably be a very good guess as to when C-3PO will arrive to the holotables.

I’m super pumped about that, as he will likely be a significant support character who can massively help a variety of factions (like R2-D2), thus proving to be incredibly versatile.  And, of course, 3PO then may very well be needed for an eventual Jedi Luke event.  I’m more excited about the original trilogy content than anything else coming out this quarter.

It should be noted that we have not yet received any sort of confirmation as to what will be needed to unlock C-3PO.  The common guess is that it will require Ewoks, but it’s also possible that the Ewok Scout login reward is because 3PO will simply have synergy with them.  I’m still guessing that we’ll need Ewoks to unlock him, but my recommendation right now is to hold off on gearing the Ewoks, but save up the gear needed until we get confirmation one way or another.  I’m waiting for confirmation, but I’m also not using the gear that Ewoks need quite yet.  And really, the only question would be how difficult the event is, since many people probably have Ewoks farmed already… *gulp*

But we’ll save those fears for later.  For now, I’m super excited that we’ll be getting the legendary protocol droid, one of the most iconic characters previously missing from the game!

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