More Old Republic characters are coming to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

We’ve already gotten a lot of Old Republic characters in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes in recent months, but we’re not done either!  It was revealed on Wednesday that Carth Onasi and Juhani will both be released as marquee events.

You can check out the reveal of the characters, along with analysis, here and here.  The characters will be released as marquee events, meaning that by completing the event you will be able to take the characters to three stars, then you will have the option of purchasing packs to star them up.  If you don’t want to buy the packs, you can wait a few months before they’ll become farmable, likely on a node that takes a while to farm.  So sometime next year you may actually be able to play with them.

Both Carth Onasi and Juhani are light side characters.  Juhani has the Jedi, Tank, and Old Republic tags, while Carth has the Old Republic and Attacker tags.

EA/CG recently took away the Game Changers’ access to test accounts, meaning that all we’ve seen so far are the text kits and pre-recored footage from EA/CG, but the initial impression is that Juhani in particular could be a difficult character to go up against.  Mainly, she likely will be difficult to kill, since she taunts but also can stealth and protect herself that way.  It will be important to figure out team compositions for her, however, as I don’t think she may hold up as the only tank.  She figures to go really well in a Jedi Revan lead, though.

Speaking of Revan, these character releases continue to essentially confirm that we’ll be getting Darth Revan and/or Darth Malak coming soon to this game.  When Bastila Shan (Fallen) and Canderous Ordo were released, I wrote that I was worried EA/CG would be repeating the Jedi Revan event mistakes way too soon… and it looks like that’s their plan.  So it’s hard to get excited about two new marquee Old Republic characters, since we pretty much know what’s coming.

Oh well, though.  We know that original trilogy content is coming at some point this quarter too, so hopefully that will actually bring with it more excitement.  But for those who love the Old Republic, it’s nonetheless cool to get more characters from that era.


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