Star Wars Resistance: “Signal from Sector Six” review

The sixth episode of Star Wars: Resistance premiered on Sunday, and with it came the very welcome return of Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron.

In many ways, it was really only the return of Poe that made this episode work, because otherwise it wasn’t as strong as other episodes of the show.  However, it’s not necessarily a ‘filler’ episode, because we already have indications that what happened in this episode will have significant implications moving forward.

So let’s jump in to this week’s review!


Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 6.28.19 PM

In this episode, Kaz wakes up far too early for his liking and heads off on a “salvaging job” with Yeager.  Kaz doesn’t know where they’re actually going, however, and Yeager tells him that sometimes it’s better to be surprised.  Poe Dameron arrives in his X-Wing, and Kaz realizes that Poe showed up to talk.  Poe tells Kaz that he brought him a gift, and an X-Wing shows up for Kaz to fly.  With a little prompting from Poe and a little pushing from BB-8, Kaz jumps from Yeager’s ship to the X-Wing in mid-flight, teaming up with the droid CB-23 (who makes it clear he’d rather be flying with Poe).  BB-8, meanwhile, jumps into Poe’s ship to reunite with his old teammate.  Poe and Kaz take off in their X-Wings into space, where they discuss Kaz’s recent findings of Captain Doza working with the First Order.  Poe tells Kaz to keep finding out all he can, and they spend some time flying their ships.  Poe shows Kaz a cool new trick as he narrowly avoids an asteroid, and a confident Kaz attempts it a couple of times but doesn’t get it right.

Soon, they pick up a distress signal nearby and go to check it out, finding a transport having been attacked by pirates.  They board to rescue the life forms that BB-8 detected, and they soon see a monster grab some of the pirates and presumably devour them.  So Poe, Kaz, and the droids head in a different direction trying to find the survivors of the pirate attack, and they’re ambushed by a couple of kowakian monkey-lizards (think Salacious B. Crumb).  They spend some time attacking Kaz, and BB-8 and CB-23 bond as they repel the attack, and ultimately Poe meets back up with them and accidentally shoots and kills one of the monkeys.  That sends the other one running away, though, so Poe, Kaz, and the droids find the survivor, Synara Sor, unconscious and hiding in a storage bin.  They rescue her, but as they’re heading back to the ship they encounter the monster: a giant kowakian.  The monkey chases them through the ship as they desperately try to make it back to the X-Wings, and Poe fires upon the monkey as he draws it away from Kaz, Synara, and the droids.  He circles back around and helps them get out of there in their X-Wings, but as they’re flying away they encounter some pirate ships.  Poe quickly takes one of them out, and Kaz then executes the move that Poe had shown him earlier to narrowly avoid an asteroid… while the pirate flies right into it.  That sends the other pirate fleeing the scene.

Poe and Kaz reunite with Yeager, who is upset about them bringing Synara on-board.  Poe tells Kaz and Yeager to drop her off at the Colossus with a med droid.  On their way back, Synara wakes up and Kaz explains how he’ll make sure she can get into the Colossus even though she doesn’t have a pass.  He follows through on that promise, but shortly thereafter she leaves him.  In the elevator after leaving, she contacts Kragen Gor and says that while their attempt to steal the ship didn’t work as planned, she now is inside the Colossus.  Kragen tells her to await his orders.


Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 6.33.29 PM

By far the best part of this episode was the return of Poe Dameron.  Oscar Isaac is terrific as always, and it’s just great to see Poe as much as possible.  I loved his interactions with Kaz and his conduct in this episode (with one exception, which I’ll get to in just a minute).  Him reuniting with BB-8 was great to see (though I wonder when BB-8 will re-join Poe permanently, since we know the show will over-lap with The Force Awakens and since Poe is with BB-8 then).  I liked that Poe taught Kaz a new trick, and that the trick came into play later in the episode.  And some of the more humorous parts were genuinely funny: Poe asked if BB-8 missed him, but Kaz thought Poe was talking to him and responded that he did miss him; and later Poe fired into the air to get the attention of the kowakians… only to realize he accidentally shot and killed one of them in doing so (his reaction, and the reaction of Kaz and the other kowakian, helps to sell the humor too).  In short, the more Poe Dameron we get, the better!

I also liked that we got to see Kaz flying an X-Wing again.  We saw it briefly in the very beginning of the show (when he was still with the New Republic), but he hasn’t flown one since.  I liked the chance to see him fly again and not focus on spying or being a mechanic (two things that, to be honest, he hasn’t been great at).  With flying, though, he certainly looks more confident.  Hopefully we’ll get to see more of Kaz flying (including in an X-Wing!).  Also, I liked to see Yeager at least somewhat comply with Kaz’s Resistance mission, flying him to meet up with Poe and waiting for him to return.  Yeager still doesn’t seem like he wants anything to do with Kaz’s mission, but at the same time he seems willing to help Kaz.  I’d like to see more of that dynamic and relationship continue to develop.

I mentioned earlier that there was one thing I didn’t like that Poe did, and it’s really about Poe, Yeager, Kaz, BB-8, etc.: that they so quickly assumed that Synara was a victim and brought her to the Colossus.  We had already seen Synara flying with the pirates in an earlier episode, but Kaz and Poe and Yeager obviously didn’t know that she’s one of the pirates.  At the same time, though, they have to be a bit more discerning on these things – especially considering the reality that Kaz is a spy who can’t blow his cover.  If characters are going to have faults I guess that being too willing to help people isn’t a bad one, but I thought it was unwise for them to not even question whether she might have been part of the pirate gang and to so quickly decide to send her to the Colossus.  That seemed like an incident where someone – Poe, Yeager, Kaz, BB-8, someone! – should have raised a question or two.

In all, this episode was fine.  Poe’s return was by far the highlight, and it was also good to see Kaz in an X-Wing as he continued his mission with the Resistance.  There were some genuinely funny moments, but the plot wasn’t all too exciting and the resolution was a move that showed incredible lack of discernment from the heroes.  But like I said earlier, the ‘filler’ tag doesn’t seem too fair, since we’ll surely see these plot points continue moving forward.  Now that Synara has infiltrated the Colossus, it will be very interesting to see what the pirates’ plan is (and, by extension, the First Order’s plan).  Considering next week’s episode is called “Synara’s Score,” it sounds like we’ll see the continuance of this plot line sooner rather than later.  Also: hopefully we’ll get to see more of Poe Dameron sooner rather than later, too.

My grade: 7.7/10



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