Is Battlefront 2 finally going to be getting what many fans have wanted all along?

Star Wars: Battlefront II was released a year ago amidst controversy and mixed reviews.

The game has tremendous visuals and gameplay and is an enjoyable experience for what it is, but many fans were disappointed by what it wasn’t.  It really is quite baffling that it will take over a year to get heroes like Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, General Grievous, and Count Dooku into the game, for one thing (though they’re coming, slowly but surely).

But there was a bigger complaint: it was that Battlefront II didn’t come close to offering the experience that the previous Battlefront II had.  That’s a stunning reality, given the fact that one was released in 2005 and the other in 2017.  The 2005 one is bigger, more extensive, and (in my opinion) more fun to play… so all 2017 has is the significantly improved graphics.

But it sounds like, after two games and several years, EA and DICE are finally beginning to realize what fans have been wanting and asking for all along.  On Twitter Friday, Dennis from EA/DICE posted this Tweet teasing their current project:

Those who played the 2005 version of Battlefront II no doubt recognize that: conquest!  The lifeblood of the previous Battlefront games, this mode was the staple that helped make those games so beloved.  The point was relatively simple: each side got a certain number of command posts to defend.  Your objective was to either wipe out all of the enemy forces or capture all of their command posts – all the while making sure to protect your own.  It was a legitimately great mode.

So this seems to be confirmation that EA and DICE are working on something that will be at least similar to conquest, which is the best news the game could possibly have at this point.

The signs have been there for a while that caused some hope.  Back in February Dennis did a Q&A on the forums and, though he was quite noncommittal when asked about a conquest mode, he did add that, “we’re definitely working on satisfying that request.”  Then in the most recent roadmap outlining Clone Wars content, we learned that a new game mode will be coming in February 2019 “featuring capture points and capital ship takedowns.”  The capital ship takedown part is certainly interesting but gives the indication that it won’t be the exact same as conquest, but the capture points part of it could be.

And that’s fine, because the closer EA and DICE get to conquest the happier fans will be, I think.  To have the opportunity to play a conquest-like mode on all of the larger maps, both online and offline, would be a major, major boost to the game that would immediately make it more attractive and generate more interest.

I’m hopeful that we’ll get something like conquest.  I’m not getting too hopeful yet considering EA/DICE’s history with these Star Wars games, but this is certainly worth watching!

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