The Boba Fett standalone movie is officially dead

All hope for a Boba Fett standalone movie has been disintegrated.

Last night, journalist Erick Weber tweeted that Kathleen Kennedy – who was apparently hosting a party for Ryan Coogler and Black Panther – told him that the Boba Fett movie is officially dead.

Assuming that’s true, I can’t say it’s too surprising.  And I actually think it’s a good direction to take, as there’s a lot more that could be done with a brand new Mandalorian character instead of the iconic bounty hunter.  People like Fett’s mystery, and the TV show will allow us to see Mandalorians without delving too deep into Boba Fett’s character.  And, at the same time, it’s not out of the realm of possibility for Fett to make an appearance in The Mandalorian at some point.  If he’s still alive, it would make sense to have him in an episode or two.  He’s not a true Mandalorian, of course, but his armor makes him recognizable as one.  So it would be cool to see the galaxy’s former greatest bounty hunter show up in some way.  My point is simply that Lucasfilm can still get Boba Fett in live-action if they want to, and it doesn’t have to be in his own film.

With that said, it’s worth remembering just how close this never-announced project came to reality.  Josh Trank was long rumored to be working on a Boba Fett standalone film with Lucasfilm, and it came so very close to being announced.  In fact, in 2016 Entertainment Weekly’s Anthony Breznican reported that a teaser for the film (like the one made and shown for Rogue One) was made and was intended to be shown at Celebration 2015.  But Trank left the project at the last minute, a split that was rumored to be a result of his troubled production on Fantastic Four.  Trank’s departure derailed the film, so it was never announced officially.  That didn’t stop reports of the film’s production, however, and this past May The Hollywood Reporter’s Borys Kit reported that James Mangold would write and direct the Boba Fett film.  We don’t know whether that report was simply inaccurate or if the project has since been tabled, but it sounds like the Boba Fett standalone film that for the last three years seemed so close to reality won’t be made.

So for the time being, Lucasfilm’s Mandalorian focus is totally on Jon Favreau’s The Mandalorian, and I’m perfectly ok with that.


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