George Lucas visited the set of The Mandalorian on Friday!

Jon Favreau took to social media to post some exciting photos on Friday!

He celebrated his birthday on Friday on the set of The Mandalorian, and he did so hanging out with George Lucas!

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Birthday Surprise

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A post shared by Jon Favreau (@jonfavreau) on

In the first photo, Favreau and Lucas are standing at a table in what looks to be a cantina, which is really cool because it gives us a look at one of the presumed sets for the TV series.  Favreau captioned the picture “Birthday Surprise,” though it’s unclear whether the surprise was Lucas’s visit or the bottle sitting on the table in front of them.  Either way, though, it’s a cool picture of the creator of Star Wars with the creator of the first Star Wars live-action TV show!

The second photo is captioned “#theMandalorian,” which seems to give confirmation to what many already assumed: that these photos were taken from the set!  That also seems to be confirmed by the fact that Dave Filoni appears with Favreau and Lucas in the second picture – which, of course, makes it even more awesome.  Filoni is the apprentice to Lucas in so many ways, though he has certainly become a master himself.  Filoni worked with Lucas on The Clone Wars – and it might be easy to forget that Favreau did as well, voicing Pre Vizsla in several episodes.

Vizsla was a Mandalorian, and so it makes it fitting that Favreau’s show will focus on a Mandalorian.  He is working with an incredibly talented and exciting group of directors, and the most noteworthy and exciting of them all is Dave Filoni.  The creative genius behind The Clone Wars and Rebels, Filoni has proven over and over again to be Lucas’s apprentice and the best Star Wars storyteller that Lucasfilm has.  Filoni is directing the pilot episode of the show, and serves as an executive producer.  It’s great to see Filoni getting a chance at live action!

But regarding these photos, the greatest part is simply seeing George Lucas hanging out on the set.  I loved that he visited the set of Solo and hung out with Ron Howard, and I equally love that he visited the set of The Mandalorian to hang out with Favreau and Filoni.  Even though he is retired and Lucasfilm is making Star Wars content without him, I’m always thrilled whenever Lucas shows up on the set of these projects and hope he continues to do so.

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