John Williams and Michael Giacchino reportedly to compose brand new music for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge!

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is coming in 2019 to both Disney Land and Disney World, and it’s safe to say that Disney is pulling all the stops to make it an authentic Star Wars experience for fans.

We already know the basics: the park is intended to give people the feel of them actually stepping into the galaxy far, far away, taking them to a planet bordering the unknown regions called Batuu.  Fans will be thrust into the popular Black Spire Outpost, which has been featured in other Star Wars media – most prominently Thrawn: Alliances.

But as fans of the Star Wars franchise will attest, you can’t have a truly authentic Star Wars experience without the music.  Composer John Williams (and more recently Michael Giacchino and John Powell as well) have created an indelible mark on the universe – and that will continue with Galaxy’s Edge.

According to Making Star Wars, both Williams and Giacchino will be composing brand new scores for the theme park.

Here’s what MSW’s Jason Ward wrote recently:

Tonight I was in a conversation about Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the Star Wars themed land coming to Disney Parks in 2019. My sources are saying John Williams and Michael Giacchino will be writing and scoring the theme park’s music for rides, attractions, and other types of source music. It sounds like there is some sort of collaborative effort between Williams and Giacchino on the content. I don’t know if Williams is just contributing a theme or a lot more than that. It isn’t exactly clear who is doing what at this point so I do not want to overstate anything other than we are getting new music for Galaxy’s Edge from both Williams and Giacchino who will be bringing the melodic side of the park to life.

This is really exciting news, obviously.  Just imagine sitting on one of the rides at the park, experiencing all the thrills that accompanies it… while listening to brand new music from Williams and Giacchino!  That will just add to the incredible experience of Galaxy’s Edge that it seems Disney is already cultivating with this massive expansion.

Williams is, of course, a legend.  He has composed the music for all eight Star Wars trilogy films so far and will return to score Episode IX as well, and his music for all eight films has been iconic and beautiful.  He has been nominated for 51 Academy Awards (including five for the Star Wars franchise), making him the second-most nominated individual in history behind Walt Disney (59).  Michael Giacchino had the unenviable task of being the first composer to do a Star Wars feature film whose name wasn’t John Williams, as Giacchino composed the music for 2016’s Rogue One – and did so wonderfully.  He has been nominated for two Academy Awards and won in 2010 for his best original score for Up.

I’m super excited for Galaxy’s Edge in the first place, but the report that John Williams and Michael Giacchino are going to be providing original music for the park is absolutely awesome and makes me look forward to it even more!

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