Filming on The Mandalorian season four likely to be delayed by the writers’ strike

The WGA writers’ strike is having a significant impact on plenty of movies and shows currently, and among them is The Mandalorian. According to Deadline, production on season four of the popular series is likely to be delayed due to the strike.

Though a fourth season has yet to be officially announced, it’s the worst-kept-secret that it’s coming, especially since showrunner Jon Favreau mentioned that he’s written the scripts for it. According to Deadline’s report, filming was slated to start on the fourth season in September but will now likely be pushed back due to the strike.

It’s far from the only series, or even the only Star Wars series, to be affected. Andor is currently filming, and while production is ongoing, showrunner Tony Gilroy is not involved. Gilroy initially set out to fulfill some non-writing duties but quickly pulled out from even that after he got pushback from others in the WGA.

The impact that all of this has on Star Wars and the rest of the industry is impossible to tell for the moment, but it does likely mean that we won’t be getting The Mandalorian as soon as we were originally hoping – which even then was still quite a ways off. What all of this means is that we’ll actually have quite a gap in the Mandoverse stories in 2024, as Ahsoka and Skeleton Crew are both scheduled to release later this year. That’s nothing unprecedented, since the same thing happened in-between The Book of Boba Fett and The Mandalorian season three, but it will feel even more pronounced if the strike delays things much longer.

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