Yes, Sabine Wren will wield Ezra Bridger’s lightsaber in Ahsoka

Not that there was much doubt, but now we can say it for certain: Sabine Wren will wield a green lightsaber in the upcoming Ahsoka series, which almost certainly is Ezra Bridger’s lightsaber seen in Rebels seasons three and four.

While a trailer for the series was released publicly last Friday, on Saturday those in attendance at the Ahsoka panel at Star Wars Celebration saw an extended version of the trailer that included more shots. Among them were further glimpses of Lothal and a brief view of Lars Mikkelsen as Grand Admiral Thrawn (he was seen from the front in this one, unlike in the public trailer where he was only seen from the back). But there were also glimpses of Sabine with the green lightsaber (you can see one shot of it leaked here). There were glimpses of her holding the lightsaber hilt and looking at it, holding the lightsaber ignited pointing down, holding the lightsaber in a defensive position, and most notably of all, in combat against Shin, one of the orange-bladed villains glimpsed in the trailer.

So yes, Sabine will wield the lightsaber and will fight with it, including in a lightsaber duel with a mysterious enemy. To have the two main protagonists of the series, Ahsoka and Sabine, both skilled in lightsaber combat and utilizing these weapons means that we’ll be in for quite the treat when it comes to saber action.

For those not familiar with Rebels, Sabine first trains in lightsaber combat with Kanan Jarrus, a Jedi Knight who fought in the Clone Wars and trains Ezra Bridger as his padawan. Sabine, a Mandalorian, comes into possession of the darksaber – a symbol that can unite Mandalorians – and Kanan trains her in how to wield it. The episode, “Trials of the Darksaber”, is one of the finest episodes of Star Wars we’ve ever seen, and it sheds light on Din Djarin’s struggles with the saber in The Book of Boba Fett. In the episode “Legacy of Mandalore”, the darksaber temporarily falls into the hands of the Empire’s Mandalorian regent, Gar Saxon, and Ezra loans his lightsaber to Sabine for her to duel Saxon. She emerges victorious and reclaims the darksaber, and eventually passes it off to Bo-Katan Kryze, having no intention of being Mand’alor herself.

Her skills with a lightsaber remained, however, and as Ezra leaves the rest of the heroes in the series finale to confront Grand Admiral Thrawn, he gives his saber to Chopper to hang on to. Ezra and Thrawn are taken away into the Unknown Regions, giving the others a chance to liberate Lothal. Chopper gives the lightsaber to Sabine, who uses it to aid their escape. That’s the last we saw of the saber, so we all knew that Sabine had it, and figured that she’d use it in Ahsoka, but it’s nice to have confirmation now.

I absolutely love Sabine, and I love Ezra’s green lightsaber, so it will be a total thrill to see her wield the weapon in live-action later this year. I cannot wait!

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