After Celebration London, the next Star Wars Celebration is coming in 2025

The team recently published an article explaining five reasons to go to Star Wars Celebration, which will take place April 7-10 in London. But in the lede of the piece, there was an interesting nugget dropped that we didn’t know before: there won’t be a Celebration in 2024, instead returning in 2025.

(And if you can’t join us this year, with the next Star Wars Celebration not taking place until 2025, you’ll have plenty of time to work on your cosplay, refine your Wookiee roar, and sharpen your lightsaber skills.)

It’s actually not that rare for Celebration to take a year off, as that’s been more normal than having it every year. We’ve become quite used to having Celebration every other year, and really the main reason for exception has been to coincide with the hype for an upcoming Star Wars film. Which, not coincidentally, the next Star Wars theatrical release is slated for December 2025. Which all lines up with a spring 2025 Celebration being the place where the marketing for such a film would really ramp up, as has happened with the prior Disney Star Wars movies.

Additionally, with The Mandalorian and Ahsoka both releasing this year, it’s highly unlikely that we’d see another season from either of those shows in 2024. We might see Andor season 2 in the fall, but otherwise we won’t see a ton from some of these flagship shows. That’s not to say that there won’t be any Star Wars content at all, but rather just that it might not bring the same level of hype as some of these other projects. Which all combines to make it entirely understandable why Celebration would skip a year and return in 2025, which will be a pretty major time for the Star Wars franchise, getting ready to launch it’s post-Skywalker saga era of films.

So enjoy Celebration this year, and we’ll look forward to it again in two years.

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