A Gen’dai is an enemy to fight against in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, which is both epic and daunting

As part of a recent series of features on the upcoming Star Wars game Jedi: Survivor, IGN confirmed something that had been speculated after one of the game’s trailers: a Gen’dai is in the game, and Cal Kestis will have to face him.

It’s the Gen’dai warrior Rayvis, glimpsed in the trailers, as an adversary to Cal who is aligned with the mysterious Jedi-like figure. But what is a Gen’dai, you might ask? In the original Clone Wars series, directed by Genndy Tartakovsky, an intimidating Gen’dai bounty hunter named Durge was allied with the Separatist forces and fought against Obi-Wan Kenobi – and saying he was hard to kill is an understatement. (Though that series is not considered canon, Durge was recently brought back into canon.)

This warrior isn’t Durge, but he’s still a Gen’dai. The species is a group of ancient and amorphic warriors, who wear their armor not primarily for protection but to keep their shape. Without any bones and with flesh that can easily regenerate, they are thought to have very few weaknesses and be almost impossible to kill. So, for example, even though Cal Kestis has a lightsaber, a blaster, the Force, and a trusty droid at his disposal, that likely won’t be enough. He’ll have to get creative.

It’s awesome to see this species brought into the game, but for those who look forward to playing it, this presents a daunting challenge – and it might even be more than the Oggdo Bogdo ever did.

It sounds like Rayvis isn’t just in the game to be a tough opponent or to look cool, however, as the game developers shared that one of the things they were most excited about is the chance to explore the character and the Gen’dai species more in-depth. They hinted at how Rayvis could be thousands of years old and, as a result, have seen the Jedi rise and fall, which will be very interesting to explore when Jedi: Survivor releases on April 28!

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