Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures will premiere on Disney+ on May 4

A new Star Wars show is coming to Disney+ soon, as Young Jedi Adventures will premiere on May 4 in honor of Star Wars Day.

The animated kids series is set in the High Republic era and features Grand Master Yoda training Jedi younglings like Kai, Lys, and Nubs. According to the announcement from Lucasfilm today, “the animated series follows Jedi younglings as they study the ways of the Force, explore the galaxy, help citizens and creatures in need, and learn valuable skills needed to become Jedi along the way.”

Additionally, there are a series of books that will be released alongside the show, including Jedi Training by Caitlin Kennedy, Young Jedi Adventures: My First Comic Reader Level 1, Get Well Nubs, Yoda’s Mission: World of Reading Level 1 Reader, and The Young Jedi: World of Reading Level 1 Reader. These books will be released over the coming months.

We don’t know how many episodes there will be, but this looks like a cute and wholesome story, and the fact that it’s set in the High Republic era as Yoda trains these Jedi makes for an interesting story to follow as well. It will actually be the first Star Wars series on-screen to take place in this era that has been such a focus in publishing recently, and I hope it’s not the last. It’s also incredibly exciting to think that this could serve as an entry point for younger Star Wars fans, introducing them to the High Republic right away. As James Waugh, Senior VP for Content and Strategy at Lucasfilm, noted about the series, it’s the first Star Wars series to be created for preschoolers, and I think that’s awesome.

Waugh is an executive producer on Young Jedi Adventures alongside Jacqui Lopez, Josh Rimes, and Michael Olson, who is also serving as the showrunner on the series. The cast was also announced today, which includes Jamaal Avery Jr., Juliet Donenfeld, Dee Bradley Baker, Emma Berman, Jonathan Lipow, and Piotr Michael as Master Yoda.

May 4 is shaping up to be a big day for Star Wars fans on Disney+, which is no surprise. The streaming service has tried to make that day a big celebration for the galaxy far, far away, and this year we’ll have both Visions and Young Jedi Adventures dropping that day. May the fourth be with you, indeed!

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