New Qi’ra novel, Crimson Climb, announced!

It was announced today that a new novel about Qi’ra is coming, titled Crimson Climb, written by E.K. Johnston.

Johnston took to twitter to announce the news, sharing that she’s writing another Star Wars book, this time about Qi’ra. No details were provided, but a cover was released:

Based on the title, as well as the image of Qi’ra from the cover, I think it’s probable that this book will explore Qi’ra’s rise through the ranks of Crimson Dawn. The most anticipated story would be to follow what happened to Qi’ra after the events of Solo: A Star Wars Story, but I think it’s most likely that this will explore the years during the film. The beginning of the movie saw Han and Qi’ra on Corellia, but as they tried to escape Qi’ra was taken. He next saw her years later, by that time a ranking agent within the Crimson Dawn organization. My guess is that this book will explore what happened in-between those appearances in the movie and how she rose in the crime syndicate.

Qi’ra has been a major focus in Star Wars comics recently, being the main figure in the trilogy of mini-series comics written by Charles Soule that explores the return of Crimson Dawn in the period in-between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. In that story, Qi’ra is the leader of the syndicate and seeks to take down the Sith. That effort is, of course, a failure, but in the meantime we are seeing a significant story about Qi’ra being told. We’re about to get another one, which is exciting!

No release date was mentioned, but I’m guessing we’ll learn more by the time of Star Wars Celebration, if not earlier. And it’s yet another Star Wars project written by Johnston, who has written Ahsoka, Queen’s Shadow, Queen’s Peril, Queen’s Hope, and the short story “By Whatever Son” in From a Certain Point of View.

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