Ron Howard would like to direct an episode of Willow if it gets a second season

There has been no word on whether or not Willow is being renewed for a second season, even though the season finale heavily teased a continuing story. But if it does get another season, count Ron Howard among those who would like to direct an episode.

“I was a little disappointed not to have time this time,” Howard recently told Entertainment Weekly. “It would be a function of looking at the calendar.” He didn’t commit to it officially, but it’s clear he’d love to do it. “I wouldn’t want to make any promises as I’ve already got a few things that I’m dreaming of doing,” he clarified. “But if we’re fortunate enough to be able to carry on with the show, I am going be as involved as I can be, as I was this season, because it means a lot to me.”

Howard directed the original 1988 film Willow, which was created by George Lucas, who was an executive producer. This time around, with the Willow series, it was Howard’s turn to be executive producer, with Jonathan Kasdan serving as showrunner while Stephen Woolfenden, Debs Patterson, Philippa Lowthorpe, and Jamie Childs each directed two episodes. Howard told EW that he leant a lot of support to Kasdan and was involved in helping to craft the story and keep the magic, but that he agreed with the direction and that Kasdan’s passion was what excited him the most.

“I was always excited for Warwick [Davis] to be Willow again,” Howard said. “But I was most excited by Jon’s expansion of the next generation and their relationships. Because the first one was built on the charm and the emotion that came out of the relationships.”

It’s a charm that they managed to catch with a new generation on the series, led by Kasdan but with plenty of others playing key roles. And as a bit of a side note, it actually wasn’t the first time that Kasdan and Howard worked together (and Howard told EW it won’t be the last either). Kasdan co-wrote Solo: A Star Wars Story alongside his father, Star Wars legend Lawrence Kasdan, and Ron Howard was brought in as director midway through production. They teamed up again for Willow, and if we get another season, it sounds like Howard’s involvement might be even bigger.

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