The Bad Batch just hinted at a significant development with Crosshair

Crosshair was nowhere to be found in the two-episode premiere of The Bad Batch‘s second season, but that doesn’t mean he was forgotten about. In fact, there’s a brief moment, one that’s easily missed, that likely clues us in on a significant development with the former member of Clone Force 99 now working for the Empire.

At the end of the second episode, Admiral Rampart shows up on Serenno to talk with clone commander Wilco, not because of the heist but because of an error in Wilco’s report. Rampart tells him that, “You stated the would-be thieves you encountered were the rogue clones from experimental unit 99, yet that is impossible. Their squad perished during the fall of Tipoca City.” In other words, he still seems to be under the belief that the Bad Batch died on Kamino in the season one finale.

But Wilco insists that Rampart’s intel was wrong, because he saw two of the rogue clones personally. “I see,” Rampart replies cooly. “If Governor Tarkin were to learn of my misstep, then I would be at risk. And that cannot happen.” So, instead, he orders Wilco to falsify a new report, and when the clone refuses, Rampart kills him.

Now, it’s certainly possible that Rampart already knew they survived and is just feigning ignorance. But it seems just as likely, and probably more so, that Rampart wasn’t aware of it. And if that’s true, then it means that Crosshair – who survived together with the squad before going his separate way – didn’t say anything about it in the months that followed.

Crosshair aided the Bad Batch’s escape but didn’t take their offer to come with them, showing that he was still committed to the Empire. But even though he’s committed to the Empire, this is a subtle sign that he’s not convinced his former squad should be hunted and killed, and he chose to keep that bit of information to himself. Maybe it’s because he wondered what the Empire would do if they found out he aided their escape. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t want the Empire to know his old friends are still alive. But either way, it seems significant to me that he’d keep that under wraps.

We’ll pick up with Crosshair again this season and see where his story goes ,but even though he didn’t appear in these first episodes, we learned something about him that could come into play down the road.

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