Tony Gilroy says that including K-2SO is “one of the responsibilities” of Andor season two

The first season of Andor introduced us to some key figures who will play major roles down the road in Rogue One, like Cassian Andor, Mon Mothma, and Saw Gerrera. But one figure who was absent was K-2SO, Cassian’s droid companion.

Within the storyline of the first season it makes sense why the droid didn’t show up, as this was about seeing Cassian embrace the fight. An Imperial security droid did show up in arresting Cassian (the same model as K2), but it wasn’t the snarky and heroic droid we grew used to in Rogue One. But for season two, we can expect to see him.

When asked whether K2 will show up, Andor showrunner Tony Gilroy told Collider that, “Well, I think that’s one of the responsibilities of Part 2. Obviously, if we’re going to walk into Rogue, we have to deal with that.”

Early on in development of Andor it was actually announced that Alan Tudyk would be reprising his role as K2 for the series, but it wasn’t long until Tudyk said that he would not appear in season one. He confidently said that he would appear down the road, but just not in the story Gilroy was telling in the first season. That seems to match up with this, as it seems Tudyk was told all along that he’d be joining the cast for season two.

The story of how Cassian met K2 has already been told in comics, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it happen on-screen. K2 is a major player in Rogue One, and his relationship with Cassian is terrific, so they’ll need to deal with him somehow. And I can’t wait to see how they do it.

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