Tony Gilroy explains that Andor episode 7 is an “interesting” episode but not part of a new arc

The overall structure for Andor is taking place in different three-episode arcs, like we’ve seen so far in the first season. The first three episodes centered around Cassian on Ferrix, while the next three episodes picked up on that and focused on the mission on Aldhani. Because of that we were expecting episode 7 to begin a new arc, but showrunner Tony Gilroy apparently said recently that’s not the case.

This makes it a bit interesting to think about where things are going from here, as there are two more arcs left this season: episodes 8-10 form one, and then episodes 11-12 form the finale arc. But what about episode 7?

In some ways I felt like the ending of episode 6 was a bit abrupt, so I wonder if this will pick up on some of those threads. On the other hand, there were glimpses in the trailers of clone troopers, which would indicate a flashback, so perhaps this is the episode where those happen. Or perhaps this could be an episode almost pausing Cassian’s story to focus more on Mon Mothma, Dedra Meero, and others (which I’d be totally down for). Regardless, it sounds like this episode will be a bit different than we’ve become used to so far this season, and I’m glad that this was pointed out prior to the episode so that we know more of what to expect.

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