Tony Gilroy has already revealed the final scene of Andor season two, happening just days prior to Rogue One

Andor has yet to even premiere, but we already know how the entire series will end.

That’s not the biggest surprise, given that we know the end of Cassian Andor’s story already, as told in Rogue One. But showrunner Tony Gilroy revealed to The Playlist exactly how season two of the show will wrap up. While season one is set five years prior to the events of the film and will span the course of one year, season two will span the remaining four years. The final story that is told will take place in “the last five days before ‘Rogue One.'”

Not only that, but Gilroy also revealed what that last scene will be: “Yeah, I mean, our final scene of the show is no secret; it’s going to be [Cassian] walking across the tarmac to get in the ship to go to the Rings of Kafrene to go meet, Daniel Mays’ [character], he’s going there.”

When we first meet Cassian in Rogue One, he’s on the Ring of Kafrene meeting with Tivik, the Rebel informant played by Daniel Mays. It was Tivik who learned about the defection of cargo pilot Bodhi Rook, as well as the existence of a planet-killing weapon being constructed by the Empire. He told this to Cassian, but as Imperial forces became aware of their presence, it became clear that Tivik could not climb to safety because of an injury. Instead, Cassian decided to kill him rather than risk him being interrogated by the Empire, and Cassian then returned to the Rebel base on Yavin IV. That set in motion the events of Rogue One, and Gilroy says that the final scene of Andor will be Cassian leaving to go meet Tivik there.

In other words, just as Rogue One takes us up to the moments prior to A New Hope, so too will Andor take us up to the moments prior to Rogue One. In that way this series is familiar with the film that prompted it: the question isn’t so much about where the story winds up but how it gets there. That’s exactly what the two seasons of this show are intended to show us, and I can’t wait.

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