Star Wars reveals full release schedule for Andor’s first season

The next major Star Wars project is coming next month, with Andor set to premiere on September 21.

That’s later than the original release date, but it will premiere with the first three episodes of the show. And in case there was any wondering, Star Wars has now disclosed the release date of all twelve episodes of the show’s first season. It will premiere on September 21, and it will wrap up on November 23, the day before Thanksgiving in the United States.

Here’s the full release schedule:

Andor is a prequel series to Rogue One, focusing on the early days of the Rebellion and following Cassian Andor’s journey to becoming the Rebel spy we know him as in the standalone film. But it will also focus on Mon Mothma’s work building the Rebellion in secret while she works the Imperial Senate, and ultimately these paths will cross and turn into the Rebel Alliance that we know from Rogue One and the original trilogy.

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