Is Taika Waititi in The Mandalorian season 3?

In a recent article for Slashfilm, Shania Russell wrote about Taika Waititi’s busy schedule in connection with the upcoming release of his film Thor: Love and Thunder – and in a running list of what he’s worked on recently, she mentioned that he “starred in upcoming episodes of ‘The Mandalorian’ season 3.”

Now, it’s unclear whether she’s intending to report this as if she’s heard it, or if she’s basing it off of other rumors that swirl on the internet, but it is interesting that she included it here. Because there have been reports in recent months about the return of IG-11, the character Waititi voiced in The Mandalorian season one.

Those reports contain what are, if true, significant spoilers for the show. Because they say that IG-11 will be back and will once again be protecting Grogu, but will actually serve as a suit for Grogu to be in when needing extra protection. We’ll have to see how it all plays out, as it’s becoming par for the course for Star Wars to bring back characters once dead and therefore must be done carefully, but the straightforward inclusion in the Slashfilm article suggests that they have heard the same thing.

Of course, Slashfilm said nothing about which character Waititi is playing, so it could be someone entirely new. But when taken in light of some of those other reports, it seems more credible that he might be playing IG-11 again. He voiced the droid in three episodes of the show’s first season, and he might be back. Waititi also directed an episode of the show’s first season, and he’s working on writing and directing the next Star Wars theatrical film as well.

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