Trailer released for LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation!

The latest LEGO Star Wars animated special will be coming to Disney+ on August 5 with the release of LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation!

The story centers on Finn and the rest of the crew post-The Rise of Skywalker getting away for a much-needed vacation aboard the Halcyon starcruiser, but in typical Star Wars fashion things don’t exactly go according to plan. And, as has been typical of these LEGO specials, characters from all throughout the saga will make appearances.

The trailer for the special was released today, giving us our first real look at it.

This looks to have the typical level of fun and laughs as the Lego specials tend to, while still telling a heartwarming story throughout. It’s the magic of these Lego Star Wars specials, which have so far included the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special (in 2020) and LEGO Star Wars Terrifying Tales (in 2021). The first centered around Christmas (Life Day, in-universe) and the second around Halloween, while this one takes us on a summer vacation.

I’m glad that these projects are continuing, because they’ve been extremely enjoyable and fun. And while we might tend to roll our eyes at another Halcyon-based story, I have no doubt that the special will keep up the momentum with another fun holiday-themed chapter of the Lego Star Wars saga, something I hope continues beyond this year as well.

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