The Bad Batch season 2 will apparently premiere on September 28 on Disney+

At Star Wars Celebration, it was revealed that The Bad Batch season 2 is coming this fall to Disney+, and less than a week later a banner on the streaming service said that it will be coming Wednesday, September 28.

It’s quite humorous that within a week of Celebration ending, we got the release date apparently leaked by the streaming service instead of just being told it at the Star Wars fan convention, but the funny thing is that it’s not the least bit surprising. We now know, though, that it’ll be dropping on September 28.

If the second season features another 16 episodes, like season one did, that would mean the show will run into January 2023. However, it’s extremely possible that there will be a few episodes doubled-up, such as was done with the first two episodes of Obi-Wan Kenobi and as will happen again with the first two episodes of Andor.

More significantly, this marks a significant milestone for Star Wars on Disney+, as it will be the first time that there are two Star Wars shows running simultaneously. Andor is premiering on August 31 with the first two episodes and will run for 12 episodes total in this first season, meaning there will be overlap with The Bad Batch for a little over a month. Doing it with a live-action and animated show makes sense, as they are different mediums of storytelling, but it’s nonetheless the first time Star Wars will have done that (not to mention that Marvel hasn’t done it yet either). I have to imagine that executives at Disney and Lucasfilm will be monitoring this closely to see how it works. But with the massive number of shows in development, we knew it would be happening at some point.

Another animated series, Tales of the Jedi, is also coming this fall, though we don’t know a release date for that yet. And shortly after Andor wraps up, Lucasfilm is dropping another live-action series in Willow.

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