A new Lego Star Wars special, Summer Vacation, is coming to Disney+ on August 5!

Lucasfilm animation has teamed up with Lego to produce some pretty great specials in recent years, and we’re getting another installment this summer! It was announced today at Star Wars Celebration that Lego Star Wars: Summer Vacation will premiere on Disney+ on August 5!

The special will be set after the events of The Rise of Skywalker and feature Rey, Poe, Finn, Rey, Chewie, and the crew going on a vacation to get some much needed rest after overthrowing the Emperor and the First/Final Order. But of course things don’t exactly go according to plan for them… and they’ll learn that others throughout Star Wars history have also tried to get away on vacation, with varying success (and yes, Darth Vader will make an appearance too, complete with a beach tank top). The developers of the special also said that, whereas the Holiday Special really focused on Rey and Terrifying Tales on Poe, this one will shift the focus to Finn.

Take a look at the poster that was released:

These holiday-themed specials are fantastic and have been really good so far. The Holiday Special premiered in November 2020 (celebrating Christmas), while Terrifying Tales released in October 2021 (celebrating Halloween). This time, Summer Vacation will premiere in August 2022 (celebrating summer break). These specials combine stunningly good animation with the typical Lego humor, along with a heartwarming and inspiring story. They’ve been great, and I’m really glad to hear that this ‘series’ is going to continue.

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