It’s apparently too much to ask for Lucasfilm to actually communicate with fans

We are moments away from the start of Star Wars Celebration 2022, the first time in three years that we’ve had a Celebration… and those sitting at home are left in the dark about what’s happening.

That’s because it appears the Lucasfilm Studio Showcase, billed as being one of the marquee panels of the entire Celebration that has long been promoted as a highlight of the weekend, isn’t being streamed. That’s despite the fact that a few weeks ago it was announced that the Star Wars Show Live was returning, so silly fans for assuming it would be like past years!

Instead, Lucasfilm made the curious decision to not stream this. Listen, it’s not surprising for a panel to black out certain content for those watching online as an “exclusive” for those in attendance, and that’s fine. But this is the first time that I can remember that they just straight up haven’t even offered a stream of the panel whatsoever.

But though that’s disappointing, it might have been easier for fans to get… had Lucasfilm actually said literally anything about it! Instead, everyone is left in the dark. Right up until it starts. Thinking they’ll be able to tune into the stream, only to find it nonexistent.

This is par for the course for Lucasfilm, however, whose publicity for shows and communication with fans has been shaky at best for years. But one would have thought that, perhaps, Celebration would be used as a time to communicate with and connect with Star Wars fans around the world who are desperate to find out about the future of the franchise.

It’s not a major deal, especially since most of the information and reveals will either be officially released or leak online later. So we should be careful not to make more out of this than needed. But the most disappointing element is that there was absolutely zero communication about any of this. A little clarity can go a long way, but it’s apparently too long of a step for Lucasfilm to take.

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