Will we see the Inquisitors use their flying lightsabers in Obi-Wan Kenobi?

The Inquisitors are most known for their appearances in Star Wars Rebels, but they will soon reach a much larger audience in the Obi-Wan Kenobi series.

And one thing to know about them from Rebels: they can use their spinning double-bladed lightsabers as helicopters and fly with them!

It might sound absurd – and it kind of is – but we saw it happen in Rebels, as the Inquisitors use them to fly away occasionally. It was a very controversial development amongst Star Wars fans (then again, what isn’t?), but it seems possible that they might show up again. I say that because, in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Rupert Friend spoke about what it was like playing the Grand Inquisitor in the series.

Friend said that he didn’t watch Rebels, and that was for a reason, because he “wanted to do something fresh that honored and was faithful to the spirit of the character without doing a kind of impression of anybody else’s interpretation,” and Deborah Chow and Dave Filoni agreed. So he hasn’t watched Rebels, but then when asked about what his lightsaber is like, Friend said: “It is phenomenal. It’s double ended, as you’ve seen in some of the early-release artwork. So he can use it with one or both of the ends. He can turn it into a whirling blade. He can fly with it. It’s pretty kick-ass.”

Did you catch that? In talking about what the lightsaber is like, he just decided to bring up that “he can fly with it.” Now, even though he didn’t watch Rebels it’s likely someone filled him in on all of this, but it’s still very interesting that this is one of the things he mentioned. And him doing so has me thinking that maybe – just maybe – we’ll see the Inquisitors actually use their lightsabers as helicopters in this series too!

If we do, I expect it to be more toned-down and realistic than it was in Rebels, such that we probably won’t see them just taking off and flying away with it, but we might see them sort of propelled forward or backward with the helicopter sabers. And I think such a use would be entirely appropriate and cool.

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