The Mandalorian season three has apparently wrapped filming

Any official information from Lucasfilm about The Mandalorian season three has been extremely scarce, but there have been certain things that have trickled out through other means. It seems we may have recently had one such tidbit dropped from some of the crew indicating that season three has wrapped filming.

A costume designer for the series recently posted on Instagram a picture of a patch gifted to some of the crew, and she wrote that it’s a wrap on filming and how she can’t wait for the next season. She subsequently made her account private and deleted the post, but a Twitter account picked it up and tweeted out the picture of the patch that was posted, and then Carl Weathers quote tweeted it and seemingly confirmed that it’s wrapped:

So while this isn’t exactly irrefutable evidence that it’s wrapped, since different members of the crew might wrap work on the project at different times, I think it’s pretty safe to assume that when a costume designer and one of the actors/directors on the series both post about it, there’s probably a lot of truth to it.

Adding to what we don’t know about the series is anything about when it’s releasing, although it wouldn’t be a surprise if it drops at the very end of this year or early next year. The Book of Boba Fett was really a continuation of the overall storyline of The Mandalorian, with Din Djarin showing up and playing a starring role in the final three episodes. Beyond just making an appearance there, however, Djarin’s story was shaped as he was reunited with Grogu, got a new ship, and was banished by his Mandalorian covert. Talk about some significant character development! The third season of the show will likely have more to do with Mandalore, but Grogu’s surprise return this early on does open up more doors – meaning that, in some ways, after The Book of Boba Fett we actually have less clarity on what’s coming next with The Mandalorian rather than more.

But not knowing much about what’s happening or what’s coming is par for the course for Lucasfilm these days, and that can sometimes be a problem (like with Solo), it’s overall worked out fine. As we get closer to the release for this show (or even to finding out when it’s releasing, something we don’t even have clarity for other shows we know are coming this year), we’ll get some promotion that probably won’t show much. But with a proven series like The Mandalorian that stars already established and beloved characters, they’ll be able to get away with it. I’m excited to see where season three goes, and today’s update is another step toward that happening!

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