Report suggests that a minor yet familiar Star Wars character could appear in the Obi-Wan Kenobi series

A recent report from Star Wars News Net suggests that we might be seeing another familiar Star Wars character appearing in the upcoming Obi-Wan Kenobi series, in addition to the many who are confirmed already. Though this character is a very minor one in the franchise, it would be another cool nod to more attuned fans.

This would, of course, present some potential spoilers, so be warned if you want to continue any further…

But the report says that 4-LOM will be showing up! SWNN writes that, “We don’t know many specifics about his involvement, but we were assured he will have a bigger role than the mere seconds he spent on screen in The Empire Strikes Back.”

That’s obviously not saying much, since he appeared in an extremely minor way in The Empire Strikes Back, such that most people surely didn’t even notice him. 4-LOM is one of the bounty hunters called by Darth Vader to his Star Destroyer to hunt down the Millennium Falcon. 4-LOM was a protocol droid turned bounty hunter, which makes for a pretty interesting character in its own right, and he frequently worked with Zuckuss, another bounty hunter seen in Empire. By Star Wars standards he’s actually appeared in comparatively little canon content, but he’s shown up more recently in the Bounty Hunters comic and the War of the Bounty Hunters crossover storyline.

If he does appear in this series, I wouldn’t be surprised if Zuckuss is somewhere close by as well. And though it would certainly not be the most obvious inclusion in the series, that would actually fit the mold well for what the live action Star Wars shows have been doing, taking familiar characters who general audiences might not know about and integrating them into the story. But how might a bounty hunter fit in this story? I immediately thought of that brief sequence seen in the trailer of Obi-Wan in a blaster fight on some rooftops on Daiyu, which doesn’t appear to be with the Empire or Inquisitorious. It’s very possible that these are bounty hunters, either working for the Empire or being used by Obi-Wan to create a diversion (and thus draw attention away from Tatooine). It would be a nice nod if 4-LOM found Kenobi here and that’s one of the reasons Darth Vader thought to call on him in Empire.

Anyway, we’ll have to see how this all fits in, but it’s sounding like 4-LOM might show up. In a year with a show all about Boba Fett I doubt anyone would have guessed 4-LOM’s appearance would actually come in a series about Obi-Wan instead, but I trust that if he shows up they’ll make it work well.

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