To no surprise, Lucasfilm is focusing only on their established brands right now

A while ago, Deadline reported that Lucasfilm was no longer developing the film adaptation of Tomi Adeyemi’s bestselling novel Children of Blood & Bone. Paramount Pictures has acquired the rights to develop the trilogy of films, with Adeyemi writing the screenplay and executive producing.

Nothing about Lucasfilm was mentioned except for the fact that they had let the contract lapse. But a subsequent report from The Hollywood Reporter from a while back fills in some of the details on what happened, much of which we had expected was the case. According to their report, the project was up in the air anyway after Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, but Lucasfilm President Kathy Kennedy stepped in and became interested in taking it on. But it sounds like two factors were at work in the project ultimately not being developed: first, Lucasfilm became more and more focused on developing Star Wars shows for Disney+, and second, Adeyemi grew frustrated with the slow progress and wanted to be more involved – including writing the script for the film, something Lucasfilm didn’t agree with.

So instead, the movie got put on hold and it wound up being put up for bid amongst other studios, with Paramount winning out. And you can probably guess what that means for Lucasfilm, but THR spells it out, saying, “In the meantime, Lucasfilm, according to sources, has decidedly shifted away from developing projects that are new and is leaning even more toward those already under its umbrella.” That’s not a big surprise, given the fact that Lucasfilm has one of the biggest brands in all of Hollywood in Star Wars, another major brand in Indiana Jones, and another brand that they’re looking to re-ignite in Willow. They’re developing projects with all of those, and obviously the biggest of them all is Star Wars. That’s what people really know Lucasfilm for anyway, and it’s what they know best. And as long as they’re making Star Wars stuff, and doing it well, there’s not a huge need to adopt other new brands and material.

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