Is Cobb Vanth still alive after the events of The Book of Boba Fett?

The last we saw of Cobb Vanth in The Book of Boba Fett, he was shot by Cad Bane, who left as the people of Freetown rushed to the aid of their Marshal, warning them to not get involved in the Pyke Syndicate’s business on Tatooine.

Of course, it was this moment that convinced the people of Freetown to get involved in the fight and aid Boba Fett and Din Djarin in their battle against the Pykes. When the people show up, Djarin shares a moment with the Weequay Taanti, saying he’s sorry about the Marshal. Taanti responds that Bane gunned him down in cold blood. This, combined with Vanth’s absence in the final episode and the fight against the Pykes, made it seem like Vanth was dead.

But not so fast.

After the fighting is finished, Boba Fett makes a remark to Fennec Shand about his bacta tank being used, but the episode ends without us knowing who it is. That is, until a mid-credits scene shows Cobb Vanth in the tank, with one of the modifiers preparing to work on him. This is the same mod who saved Fennec Shand from her gunshot wound, and it appears he’s going to do the same thing for Cobb Vanth.

So it seems Cobb Vanth is alive, recovering in the bacta tank with some help from the mods (although why he needs cybernetic enhancements for what looked to be a shot to the shoulder remains to be seen). I’m really glad about this, as Timothy Olyphant is absolutely perfect in the role and I love Cobb Vanth. I never really got hooked on him in the interludes in the Aftermath books, but in The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett he’s easily a favorite of mine. I’m glad that it seems he’ll be showing up again in some future stories.

And I have a theory as to what his role could be in some of those stories. This is all speculation, but at the end of the episode Boba concludes that he and Fennec aren’t cut out for this, ruling as a daimyo, and Fennec asks him if he’s got any ideas about who is. No clarity is given, but the two of them walk over to join the rest of their gang, including the mods and Black Krrsantan. I wonder if Boba Fett will turn to Cobb Vanth to rule instead, as Vanth has already done so as the mayor and marshal of Freetown, and he’s proven he will do what it takes to protect his people. He can be trusted, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Boba entrusts his new family to him – especially if Boba winds up joining Din Djarin on a quest to take Mandalore.

Whatever happens, the important thing is that Cobb Vanth is alive, which means we will all be blessed with more of the character in the future, so that’s tremendous news. Cobb Vanth lives!

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