Trailer released marking the beginning of the final wave of the first phase of The High Republic storytelling

Today, January 4, 2022, marks the release of the latest adult novel in The High Republic series, which kicks off the final wave of projects for this first phase. The book, “The Fallen Star” by Claudia Gray, is being teased with this ominous statement: “who will survive when the light of the Jedi goes dark?”

In celebration of the book’s release, Star Wars released a teaser trailer promoting the project and this final wave:

I love how The High Republic is getting the kind of attention it is, including videos like this. It’s a major publishing initiative that has been really well-received, and to see the Star Wars social media channels promoting it and posting these videos is awesome.

“The Fallen Star” is the third of the adult novels in the era so far, which serve as the main galaxy-shaping installments, while the other books and novels branch off of them by exploring various characters. So this is coming on the heels of “Light of the Jedi” by Charles Soule and “The Rising Storm” by Cavan Scott, both of which were fantastic and among my all-time favorite Star Wars reads. Considering Claudia Gray’s other Star Wars books, including “Lost Stars,” “Bloodlines,” “Leia, Princess of Alderaan,” “Master & Apprentice,” and “Into the Dark” have all been fantastic as well, I have very high hopes for this one!

This book kicks off the final wave of the first phase of this project, and will be followed by “Midnight Horizon” by Daniel José Older (releasing February 1) and “Mission to Disaster” by Justina Ireland (releasing March 1), as well as a two-part comic series “Eye of the Storm” by Charles Soule, the final issues of the five-part comic miniseries “Trail of Shadows” by Daniel José Older, and the ongoing The High Republic (by Cavan Scott) and The High Republic Adventures (by Daniel José Older) comics. This will bring this phase of storytelling to an end, and it seems like it’s happening with some devastating circumstances.

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