LEGO releases a new Star Wars short celebrating New Year’s

With 2021 coming to an end and New Year’s Day right around the corner, LEGO has released a new Star Wars short celebrating the holiday.

The two-minute short centers around the Battle of Hoth from The Empire Strikes Back, but this time with a New Year’s twist. The Rebels are setting up for the celebration, but the Empire quickly approaches to ruin their plans, with a New Year’s countdown to their destruction. But just as in the movie, the Rebels fight back and win the day, ending with fireworks and ringing in the New Year.

You can watch it below:

This isn’t the first time that LEGO made some Star Wars shorts to celebrate a holiday, as they did so for Christmas last year and for Halloween this year. These are fun and adorable, and I love how they tell lighthearted holiday tales in the galaxy far, far away.

Plus, it’s a chance to see more General Veers, which is a nice touch too.

The creativity in these shorts is great, and in case you haven’t noticed by now, I’m a big fan of LEGO Star Wars, so I think stuff like this is awesome. I hope they continue to make more.

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