Patty Jenkins is stepping back from Cleopatra in order to focus on Wonder Woman 3 and Rogue Squadron

Rogue Squadron was originally supposed to be the next Star Wars theatrical film, set to release in December 2023, but it was recently reported that the film has been delayed.

According to various reports, it seems that it had to do with a combination of Jenkins’s schedule and needing more time to get the script right. And to lend some credibility to that, a new report that recently emerged suggests that Jenkins is freeing up her schedule to be able to focus more on it.

Deadline recently reported that Jenkins is stepping back from directing Cleopatra for Paramount and will instead take on a producing role, with Kari Skogland (of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier) tapped to direct it. The reason why? Jenkins wants to focus on Wonder Woman 3 and Rogue Squadron as her next projects. We technically don’t have a release date for either project, since it sounds like Rogue Squadron won’t hit the previously announced time frame, so we’ll have to see in what order she tackles these films. She is heavily invested in the Wonder Woman franchise, working alongside star Gal Gadot, but also sounds incredibly excited to make a Star Wars movie.

If nothing else, this suggests that Rogue Squadron is still very much happening and still very much a priority for Jenkins. I’m totally ok with them taking the time needed to do it right and make sure the script is right, even if that means a bit of a delay. And as far as the scheduling is concerned, having three major productions lined up like this is quite a bit, so it’s probably wise for Jenkins to be stepping into a different role for one of them. And I hope that Rogue Squadron will wind up being all the better for it, whenever we get to see it!

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