Star Wars releases a stunning poster promoting the end of The High Republic phase one

The first phase of the Star Wars: The High Republic publishing project will be coming to an end in January 2022, and the end of this phase seems rather ominous.

But it also has led to a stunningly gorgeous poster of some of the main characters from the era, building up to when “the light of the Jedi goes dark.” Take a look:

One thing the poster seemingly confirms is that part of what will be happening in this story pertains to the Starlight Beacon. The main novel for this group of stories, The Fallen Star by Claudia Gray, sounded ominous enough so as to have fans wondering if the Starlight Beacon would fall – and based on this poster, it looks like it’ll be at the center of attention, and it looks like explosions erupting from it. So… yeah. This poster seems to confirm that the Starlight Beacon will fall. But in some strange way, its inclusion right in the middle of a poster like this actually leaves me thinking that we don’t have the whole story with that, and that the fall of Starlight Beacon won’t be the tragedy to end phase one – because I doubt they’d spoil that with a simple poster a few months before.

And it’s also interesting how it’s described on the poster. While the novel is called The Fallen Star, here we read, “Who will survive when the light of the Jedi goes dark?” Now bear with me, for I could just be reading too much into this, but it’s interesting that it didn’t say the light goes out… it says the light goes dark. And when you use terms like light and dark around Jedi, it begins to take on a different meaning. All of this taken together, then, has me thinking that the real tragedy, the real cliffhanger, to wrap up phase one will actually be a Jedi turning dark. As for who that might be? Well, my only guess at the moment is to pay attention to who is prominently displayed on the poster as potential options.

Regardless, I can’t wait for these stories, and I love how interconnected this all is and how there’s so clearly an endgame in mind. And I love that this publishing project is getting marketing attention too, including this amazing poster!

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