Soundtracks for all Star Wars: Visions episodes were released today!

I’m a huge fan of Star Wars music and spend a very significant amount of time listening to it, so it’s always a good day when new Star Wars soundtracks are released! And that is the case today, as the soundtracks for all nine episodes of Star Wars: Visions were released wherever you listen.

They were released as nine different soundtracks (with each individual episode getting its own listing), and when taken together it amounts to a little over two hours of new music from the show! In all, ten different people are credited as composing the music for the episodes, with a few working on multiple episodes and a few episodes having two people listed.

The group includes Keiji Inai (“The Duel”), Yoshiaki Dewa and Nonpe (“Tatooine Rhapsody”), Michiru Oshima (“The Twins”), Kevin Penkin (“The Village Bride”), Nobuko Toda and Kazuma Jinnouchi (“The Ninth Jedi”), Abee and Keiichiro Shibuya (“T0-B1”), Michiru Oshima (“The Elder”), Yoshiaki Dewa (“Lop and Ocho”), and U-zhann (“Akakiri”). They join a rich history of Star Wars music and composers, following after the legendary John Williams, and their work is a great addition to the universe.

There’s some that works more than others, particularly when separated from the visuals and taken purely as the music itself, but the soundtrack for “The Ninth Jedi” is probably my favorite, with the music for “The Village Bride” coming in shortly behind that. I could see myself adding some of the pieces from “The Ninth Jedi” into my regular rotation of Star Wars background music, in particular (and of course, even from the music it just seems like that whole episode should serve as a pilot to more stories to come).

Music is an integral part of what makes Star Wars Star Wars, and so it’s fitting that a series like this – portrayed as giving different visions and perspectives on the galaxy – would also do so with the musical scores. I’m really glad they’ve now been publicly released for us to enjoy!

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