A brand new trailer for the upcoming Star Wars: Hunters mobile game was just released!

Back in February we heard about a new Star Wars game that was in development, Star Wars: Hunters, which was announced as coming in 2021 for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

Well, we got good news and bad news today. The bad news is that the StarWars.com article about the game that was posted today mentioned that it will be available to download (for free) in 2022, and that is also very prominently displayed on the game’s website. So it seems that at some point the game has been delayed; that’s not super surprising given the many delays in the industry due to the pandemic.

The good news, however, is that this game looks really exciting. A new cinematic trailer was posted today:

Now this trailer obviously doesn’t give us a look at actual gameplay, so it doesn’t tell us a whole lot about what the game itself will be like. But the quality of this trailer is fantastic, and the main thing it does is introduce us to a number of characters that will surely be featured in the actual game. The trailer pits a red lightsaber-wielding woman (named Rieve) against a Mandalorian fighter (named Aran Tal), and there are many others who come to their aid. Like a droid that wields a blue lightsaber, or a Wookiee warrior (named Grozz), or two Jawas standing atop one another, or maybe best of all an Ugnaught riding a Droideka.

So presumably you’ll be able to play as these various characters and put together a squad to fight against other players in an arena setting. The game is set after Return of the Jedi, but it remains to be seen how much that will actually come into play and how this will fit in with other existing stories (if at all).

It’s been a while since we’ve actually gotten a new Star Wars mobile game, which is obviously a huge industry, so I think this is long overdue. It’s a bummer that we’ll have to wait a little longer for it, but in the long run few people are going to care if the game winds up being good enough. And if this trailer is an indication, it very well may be.

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