Trailer and English voice cast for Star Wars: Visions released, and the show looks gorgeous

The Bad Batch is done for the year, but we won’t have to wait long to get more Star Wars content. Today, a new trailer for Star Wars: Visions was released, and it looks absolutely stunning stylistically.

There was a trailer released both with the Japanese audio and the English dub audio, and you can take a look at the latter below:

This show looks beautiful. It’s a totally different project than anything we’ve seen from Star Wars before, and the animation and style of this all looks really great. The content also looks really good, but it’s a lot harder to get a feel for that right now. We previously learned quite a bit about the show (including the fact that it won’t be canon) this summer, but this is without question our best look at the series yet.

It will feature nine episodes made by seven different studios, as explained in the trailer, and it will premiere on September 22 on Disney+. This is basically going to be a collection of stories, in anime style, that are set in the Star Wars universe and connected to the stories we already know, but that aren’t going to be bound by those confines. I’m really excited for the wide variety of stories that will be told, as well as the fact that this is just something totally different than we’ve seen before in the galaxy far, far away. That’s really cool. also revealed more information about the show today, saying that it will be available both with the original Japanese audio and with the English dub audio when it releases on September 22, and they revealed the English voice cast as well – which looks very impressive. You can check out the complete cast list in the article, but it includes notable cast members such as Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Neil Patrick Harris, Allison Brie, David Harbour, and George Takei, among many others. Their roles, as well as the episode they each appear in, are listed in the article as well. They are joined by some notable other voice actors who have worked on Star Wars projects before, headlined by Temuera Morrison (who reprises his role as Boba Fett), Christopher Sean, Bobby Moynihan, Marc Thompson, and Shelby Young.

This show looks gorgeous, and I can’t wait to watch it.

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