Why has The Bad Batch seemingly sidelined Echo?

We’re nearing the end of the first season of The Bad Batch, and it has been fantastic. I feel very confident in saying that it’s the strongest first season of any Star Wars animated series so far, and as such there are tons of positive things that I could (and have) pointed out.

But there’s one thing in particular that’s been disappointing to me as the season has gone on: what’s going on with Echo?

In the Bad Batch arc from season seven of The Clone Wars, when we were first introduced to Clone Force 99, we saw them join up with Anakin Skywalker and Captain Rex to rescue Echo from the clutches of the vile Wat Tambor. Echo had been kept alive by the Separatists and wasn’t conscious, but had cybernetic implants that were used to serve the Separatist war effort. Skywalker, Rex, and the Bad Batch rescued him, however, and Echo helped to defeat the Separatists at Anaxes. After the battle, he decided to join Clone Force 99 – setting up The Bad Batch, as Echo is a member of the team!

I was really excited to see Echo interact with the rest of the squad, and there have been plenty of instances where he could have had a key role in this series. But so far, it really doesn’t seem like the showrunners have had much interest in exploring his character further. Hunter and Omega have been the main stars, which makes sense, but Wrecker and even Crosshair have been given some nice development and attention as well. That leaves Tech and Echo. Call me biased, but I think there’s far more storytelling potential with Echo, at least right now.

Part of the problem, of course, is that Tech and Echo seem to bring the very same skillset to the squad. There are differences, but none that the show has really pointed out. Ask most viewers of The Bad Batch what Echo brings to the squad that Tech doesn’t, and I’d guess they wouldn’t be able to – because the show hasn’t really been able to yet either. With that being the case, it could’ve led to an interesting dynamic, with Echo trying to figure out his place with this team and how he fits in. But that hasn’t happened.

There have been a few very interesting moments with Echo this season, but they haven’t been followed up on, which seems like a missed opportunity. I think of the fourth episode, “Cornered,” where Echo was mistaken for a droid and saw Hunter go along with it for the sake of the mission. I’m sure no organic being would appreciate being confused for a droid, but especially Echo, who was basically turned into a cyborg by Wat Tambor and therefore surely has had some crises of identity. He didn’t take too kindly to it in the episode but did his job… and we never heard about it again. I was excited for the chance to see Echo processing who he is in the wake of all of that, but we haven’t seen it.

Another opportunity seemingly arose in the tenth episode, “Common Ground,” when the squad was sent to Raxus to help extract a Separatist Senator. Echo had some issues with that, because of course he would! He saw the horrors of the Confederacy more than perhaps any other clone, and certainly more than Clone Force 99, so of course he would have issue with helping a Separatist! And by the end of the episode, Echo had seemingly changed his view a bit, realizing that the Senator needed to live to fight another day. It’s a very meaningful sentiment coming from Echo… but we didn’t really see anything about him changing his mind. We just got that line at the end and that was it. And no fallout whatsoever from there.

Or think about one of the big themes of the season so far, revolving around clone troopers. The Empire wants to phase them out in favor of enlisted recruits, while the regs that we’ve seen have mostly been loyal to the Empire and lost any semblance of their personality. The Bad Batch probably wouldn’t have as much of an issue with all of this, as though they might find it concerning and alarming, it’s not as personal to them. But Echo? I want to know how he’s processing all of this, because it’s got to be hard.

My point in all of this isn’t to go back over episodes and insist that they should have handled something with Echo differently. Just because I think something would’ve been a good idea doesn’t mean what actually happened was bad. My point is just to say that there have been plenty of opportunities to give even somewhat of a focus on Echo, and it really hasn’t happened yet this season, with only three episodes left.

Maybe the showrunners are playing the long game, planning to develop Echo more next season (though it hasn’t been officially announced, I think we all know it’s gotta be coming). I hope so. But right now, it’s hard to see how Echo really fits in with this squad, because he’s mostly just been there, in the background, helping and getting a line or two each episode, but other than that being forgettable. I hope that changes soon.

6 thoughts on “Why has The Bad Batch seemingly sidelined Echo?

  1. I totally agree. I was really hoping for more Echo material in this series, and it just hasn’t happened. Little tidbits. He’s the outsider, in a group of outsiders. Like you said, I hope there’s more of him in the potential second season.

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  2. I agree that so far the show has been a bit thin on characterization with Echo, Tech and Crosshair. However, I think it’s really hard to build a lot of character development into a 25 minute episode where there’s also a ton of action happening in nearly every scene. With Clone Wars, many of the story arcs were 3 to 4 episodes long – essentially mini-movies where the storywriters could take their time to tell the story, and focus on one or two characters at a time. There was plenty of opportunity to slow down and have people talk to each other. With Rebels and Resistance, most episodes were standalone stories, with the occasional story arcs being no more than 2 episodes long. They seem to be following the same formula with Bad Batch, which is unfortunate, but I guess Disney thinks people can’t handle a 3-4 episode arc or quieter moments with dialogue and character development. (This is why I really appreciated Episode 7 “Battle Scars”, where we see Rex studying his helmet – we can imagine the sense of loss he feels in that moment – and Wrecker apologizing to Omega.)

    I actually don’t think Tech and Echo bring the same skill set to the team – they complement each other, with one being the scientific/engineering genius, the other bringing the hardware plus battle experience from a regular clone’s point of view. I really enjoy the bits of dialogue between them where they are making digs at one another. With his cybernetic arm, Echo seems to take the place of the obligatory droid, which is unfortunate but seems necessary for survival in the Star Wars galaxy. I notice that Echo tends to be the more conservative voice of the group, which might be a reflection of him being part of the first generation of clones. Anyway, if there’s more seasons, then I hope we’ll see more character development. Fingers crossed, we’ll get episodes that focus on just one or two characters at a time.

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    1. They did a lot of character building with Echo in the last season of Clone Wars where they introduced the Bad Batch and might assume everyone has seen those episodes. I definitely agree that we haven’t had a chance to dive deep in Season 1- mostly because they needed to get people interested and in to the show before they start doing deep dive episodes on the characters.

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  3. I agree, but I think it’s quite complicated to highlight characters in such a short running time for an episode, and there are so many characters and so few episodes 😩! I’m pretty sure the writers will develop the characters in the coming seasons (I really hope there will be many to come, and I wish episodes were longer!)

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  4. Wanted more Echo as well…especially some mention that he is having a hard time with Fives death– (plus Kix disappearing and Jesse’s death). I’d like to see some acknowledgement that Echo does feel something over being the last Domino and Torrent. Kinda disappointed the word I’ve heard is their doing a time-skip for season two. Oh no– let’s not dwell on how they feel about Kamino being bulldozed into the sea with them in it, or Crosshair siding with the Empire…or the fact that Echo just watched the city he got fought to defend TWICE- get razed.


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