The High Republic: We now know what Marchion Ro looks like without his mask!

Marchion Ro is one of the most interesting characters in the High Republic era that has been introduced so far.

The mysterious leader of the Nihil, there’s still a lot we don’t know about him, but thanks to The High Republic Adventures #5, written by Daniel Jose Older and drawn by Harvey Tolibao, Pow Rodrix, and Manuel Bracchi, we now know what he looks like underneath his helmet.

It comes at the end of the issue, as Marchion Ro and Krix Kamerat come upon something that, according to Ro, is “something I’ve spent many years looking for — an heirloom of sorts. Something that will change the galaxy forever.” We don’t know yet what that is, but it’s clear that it’s important. Important enough that Ro brings Krix along because he reminds the Nihil leader of his younger self. Ro needs someone to run the new Nihil outpost, and Ro gives Krix an old helmet of his to wear. In doing so, Ro removes his own helmet and asks if can trust the young boy. It is then that we see his face:

In many ways this scene plays almost like Ro is essentially adopting the young boy, taking Krix as his own and as a new leader of this Nihil outpost. That’s symbolized by Ro giving Krix his old mask, and I’m very curious to find out what exactly they’re about to find.

But for now, we see what he looks like beneath the mask. I don’t recognize his look, but Charles Soule said he doesn’t look like that by accident:

To be honest, I have no idea what he means by that. I’m not sure what the meaning and significance of his look is, but it’s definitely noteworthy that Soule is saying it’s not by accident. Which means that we’ll surely be seeing all of this come into play in future stories as well.

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