The soundtrack for the first eight episodes of The Bad Batch has been released!

The first season of The Bad Batch is already over halfway done, and to mark the midseason point Kevin Kiner’s fantastic soundtrack for the first eight episodes was released!

The album features 37 tracks and runs for nearly two hours, so there’s quite a bit of new Star Wars music to listen to! A particular highlight of the album is “Omega’s Theme,” which is a brilliant and touching piece of music. I’ve been excited to hear the entire soundtrack, but especially that theme, ever since hearing it in the premiere. It’s beautiful.

That theme, and the soundtrack as a whole, is everything we’ve come to expect from Kevin Kiner and his team, as he’s delivered amazing music for The Clone Wars, Rebels, and now The Bad Batch. He has thus provided the definitive sound of most of Lucasfilm animation, and I hope that continues for a long time. He’s been great at what he does, and his score for The Bad Batch has simply kept up his hot streak.

The soundtrack for the final eight episodes of the show will apparently be released on August 20, when the first season comes to an end. I’m glad that they’re not just waiting until that point to release everything, however, as it’s cool to get nearly two hours of music to listen to at the midseason point. I spend tons of hours listening to Star Wars soundtracks and have them on in the background almost all the time (including as I write this!), and it’s always exciting to get new music to add to the collection!

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